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Egypt - Egypt Elections 2015
12/31/2015 10:05:00 PM
World - Region
12/21/2015 11:02:29 PM
Opinion -
11/8/2015 9:04:22 PM
If democratic practice in Egypt is to gain a footing, its advocates must focus on issues of income and wealth. How else to make pluralism popular in a country where one quarter lives in abject poverty?
Egypt - Politics
10/27/2015 7:51:21 PM
The #FreeAlaa hashtag is trending on Facebook and Twitter on the anniversary of the imprisonment of the 'Shura Council' protesters
Opinion -
5/17/2015 12:13:15 PM
Mubarak was tried and convicted for the simplest crime committed during his rule. Far greater crimes — especially a slew of corrupt privatisation deals — remain and should be accounted for
Books - Review
3/17/2015 10:03:14 AM
Karem Yehia examines the failures of the Muslim Brotherhood during its year in power
World - Region
10/26/2014 3:38:38 PM
Ahram Online talks to Dr Chafik Sarsar, the head of Tunisia's electoral commission, as the country votes for a new parliament
World - Region
5/1/2014 8:25:50 PM
World - Region
1/26/2014 10:03:36 AM
World - Region
1/24/2014 12:11:48 PM
World - Region
1/4/2014 2:05:33 PM
World - Region
1/4/2014 1:08:46 PM
Egypt - Politics
11/26/2013 8:59:42 PM
Tamarod says several members, including two representatives of the group in the country's constituent assembly, do not speak in the name of the organisation
World - International
11/19/2013 10:35:43 AM
Polling stations open in Nepal as voters elect constituent assembly tasked with drafting a new constitution
World - Region
11/3/2013 9:25:11 AM
Ennahda and opposition agree to extend negotiations after failing to choose new prime minister to steer Tunisia out of political crisis
World - Region
11/2/2013 12:35:32 PM
Dispute in Tunisia over frontrunners for PM; Mohamed Ennaceur, 79, and Ahmed Mestiri, 88, are veteran politicians and former government ministers
Egypt - Politics
10/30/2013 1:28:15 PM
The head of the Parliamentary Correspondents' Association files a complaint at the State Council, defying Egypt’s Constituent Assembly decision to vote on draft constitution behind closed doors
World - Region
10/5/2013 5:26:49 PM
The current Tunisian government and key opposition figures signed a political roadmap on Saturday outlining a plan to dissolve the Ennahda government, form a non-partisan government, and establish an independent electoral body
World - Region
9/23/2013 5:53:48 PM
The ruling Islamist Ennahda party says the constituent assembly should finish its work before the government steps down
World - Region
8/30/2013 2:53:49 PM
A UGTT official said Friday's meeting involved talks with members of ruling Islamist party Ennahda and its coalition partners
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