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Egypt - Politics
4/16/2014 5:29:16 PM
Defence team for 36 leading Brotherhood figures says that their defendants have been subjected to a 'slow death' at the hands of torturing police officers while in detention
Sports - Omni Sports
4/16/2014 12:00:44 PM
Egypt - Politics
4/15/2014 7:31:00 PM
Judge orders a medical committee to examine Muslim Broterhood leader Essam El-Erian and for prosecutors to visit the jail where the defendants are being detained
Heritage - Ancient Egypt
4/15/2014 11:48:42 AM
After a nine-month trial, UK national admits to unlawful possession and attempted sale of Egyptian antiquities purchased from a local shop owner whose numerous outlets include one in a five-star hotel in Luxor
World - Region
4/14/2014 5:46:57 PM
World - Region
4/14/2014 5:15:25 PM
Egypt - Politics
4/14/2014 5:19:28 PM
Abu Hamza was extradited from Britain in 2012 after spending several years in jail on charges of inciting his followers to kill non-believers
World - Region
4/14/2014 2:58:43 PM
Egypt - Politics
4/14/2014 3:12:33 PM
Two separate trials of deposed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi will resume on Tuesday and Wednesday
Life & Style - Health
4/14/2014 9:37:45 AM
Controversy erupts around the nurse accused of injecting a child with HIV in a country previously regarded as one of the leading African countries to shun HIV-related stigmas
Egypt - Politics
4/13/2014 4:52:37 PM
Head of Wasat Party will remain in detention, though, due to a variety of other trials in which he is charged with inciting violence, among other accusations
Egypt - Politics
4/13/2014 2:17:50 PM
Ousted president Mohamed Morsi and 14 other Muslim Brotherhood leaders are charged with inciting violence against protesters in December 2012
World - Region
4/12/2014 2:38:59 PM
Three men are accused of attempted murder after hammer attack on three UAE tourists
Egypt - Politics
4/12/2014 1:55:02 PM
Three trials for the ousted president will resume this week on charges that include inciting violence against protesters outside the presidential palace in December 2012
Egypt - Politics
4/10/2014 2:42:42 PM
Prosecution presents videos it claims prove Al Jazeera was doctoring footage; hunger-striking defendant faints in court
Egypt - Politics
4/9/2014 4:53:49 PM
Judge adjourns trial of 269 protesters –- including Ahmed Douma – over the 'cabinet clashes' of December 2011
Egypt - Politics
4/9/2014 12:45:01 PM
Islamist preacher Safwat Hegazy and senior Muslim Brotherhood member Mohamed El-Beltagy called for the judges to be replaced in their trials for espionage and escaping from prison
World - Region
4/6/2014 8:05:25 PM
Egypt - Politics
4/6/2014 6:56:50 PM
Defence team asks that the trial's head judge be removed as he is biased against Abdel-Fattah, who accused the judge of fraud in 2005 parliamentary elections
Egypt - Politics
4/6/2014 1:01:06 PM
Decision to exclude media from Sunday's session was made to protect the confidentiality of witness testimonies, according to a judicial source
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