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Business - Economy
5/17/2015 5:01:17 PM
Opinion -
4/28/2015 11:09:53 PM
International reparations have not been implemented in a consistent and fair way; countries who were brutally occupied by colonial powers also have a right to compensation
Business - Economy
4/26/2015 5:35:13 PM
Opinion -
3/28/2015 1:43:12 PM
Arab powers, particularly Egypt, must face up to the imperative of pushing a negotiated solution to the Syrian crisis — one above all that preserves the unity of the state
Folk - Photo Heritage
3/20/2015 8:24:34 PM
Ahram Online takes a look back at Minya's twentieth-century golden age
Business - Economy
2/16/2015 9:39:05 PM
Folk - Photo Heritage
2/11/2015 1:11:04 PM
Fayoum: A pre-historic protectorate, a whole artistic village and a hotel that starred as the main destination to most Classic Egyptian Films, need we say more?
Arts & Culture - Music
1/26/2015 3:03:20 PM
The Egypt-born singer, who became popular in the 1960s and 70s and sold 60 million records globally, had been in hospital with an undisclosed illness for some time
World - International
1/26/2015 1:49:52 PM
World - International
1/13/2015 12:27:31 PM
World - International
1/5/2015 2:47:12 PM
Books -
12/12/2014 6:22:13 PM
The Sudanese writer won the award for Shawq Al-Darwish (The Longings of a Dervish)
Books - Review
2/26/2014 1:32:57 PM
Relying on papyrus manuscripts and documents covering centuries of Egyptian history, the author examines the transitions in language, religion and lifestyle which coloured Christian Egypt
World - Region
2/22/2014 7:38:12 PM
World - International
5/1/2013 10:57:19 AM
Ferry services are expected to be halted on Wednesday in Greece ahead of May Day protests against austerity measures
Multimedia -
2/20/2013 8:12:33 PM
Tens of thousands of Greeks took to the streets of Athens on 20 February during a nationwide strike against austerity measures, disrupting flights, ferries, schools and hospital services
World - International
10/18/2012 2:53:12 PM
Workers from Greece's two biggest labor unions go on strike for second time in three weeks to protest latest round of wage, pension cuts
Multimedia -
9/26/2012 9:00:43 PM
Multiple sectors affected by nationwide anti-austerity strikes, as Greeks protest 'unbearable' new EU and IMF measures
World - International
9/26/2012 11:23:11 AM
Multiple sectors affected by nationwide anti-austerity strikes, as Greeks protest 'unbearable' new EU and IMF measures
Business - Economy
7/11/2012 3:43:50 PM
Ireland's seemingly successful adoption of EU and IMF help provides little guide for helping the debt-stricken Greeks, say experts
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