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Ignorant of the lessons of history, Turkey’s Erdogan continues to threaten Egypt’s core interests. He does so at his peril

For leftists and liberals in Egypt to echo the boycott tune of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood is unacceptable, bordering on treason

The strong state is that blends and manages difference and diversity; the weak state is one where a solo voice echoes

Egypt is rebuilding, but the threats that have loomed in recent years remain. Vigilance can avert a backward slide

Irrespective of President Al-Sisi’s person, the upcoming elections are a foregone conclusion

Egypt has always supported the Sudanese people, but the regime in Khartoum under Al-Bashir has other plans

As Al-Ahram Weekly celebrates 25 years since its first edition rolled off the presses in February 1991, the paper’s Editor-in-Chief looks back on a quarter of a century of its history

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Al-Ahram Weekly's editor in-chief presents the paper's annual special issue

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