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As the world, its media in particular, focuses on fabricated innuendos, sketchy hearsay, and patchy made-up stories about Egypt, Egypt is turning the page on many fronts and reversing the stagnancy that existed for many years

Did Thomson Reuters Foundation build their conclusions that Cairo is not a safe city on reliable sources?

According to 2017 census, Egypt’s population stands at nearly 95 million, plus an estimated 9.4 million living abroad. In addition to many other millions who left over many decades and never returned, so they are unaccounted for

Does Western media deliberately mislead readers when covering news about Egypt?

Statues and monuments often commemorate historical figures or eras, valuable symbols of the past. Some feel that certain dark periods of history should be obliterated, but by demolishing such statues do we indeed erase history?

Is there a way to differentiate between fake news and true news?

After decades of creeping dominance by Islamist thinking and social controls, Egypt has learned its lesson and is pushing back on all fronts

Stereotyping against Muslims and a presumption of their guilt is all too apparent when an attacker is white but isn't castigated in the same terms

Canada has a history of embracing immigrants regardless of religion or ethnic group

In light of the Riyadh Arab-Islamic-American Summit, we need to go back and visit an earlier article that appeared as President El-Sisi was about to meet President Trump in a formal visit to Washington in April, 2017

Although the purchase of citizenship is acceptable in other countries, it is a different story in Egypt

To corroborate his catchphrase, President Trump may be willing to intimidate the whole world, and the attack on Syria is proof

Can President Sisi's visit to Washington be a turning point for Egyptian-American relations?

It is not fair to judge the 1.6 billion Muslims that inhabit the world by the actions of a few thousand radicals

When he came to office, millions were hopeful that Barack Obama would deliver on his promises regarding US relations with Arab countries. He failed.

Generally speaking, tyranny prompts revenge. But with Egypt's Copts, it's a different story

In the age of social media, even small matters can become a source of bitter dispute. But when this affects the course of a nation, it's time to pause and reflect

In the light of the recent price hikes, are Egyptians more aware of the dilemma they are facing, are they reconsidering what is necessary and what is not?

Will Donald Trump’s administration resort to purging the American system of those connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, asks an article in Bloomberg

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