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Samir Sobhi's Articles
What needs to happen in order to secure the future of the Egyptian media, asks Samir Sobhi

Where is the true genius of the Egyptian character to be found, asks Samir Sobhi

How can the Egyptian middle class be strengthened as a key component of national development

How can Egypt best profit from its huge resources of renewable energy

Samir Sobhi describes his own relationship to Egypt’s 1919 Revolution

What does science and technology have in store for humanity over the next 50 years

There are seven pillars to Egyptian identity, each bearing witness to a different strand in the country’s history and its record of successive civilisations

The government has announced ambitious plans to modernise Egyptian education with Japanese help

Change against a backdrop of continuity has always been the keynote of Egyptian political and societal thought

How can newspapers today solve their chronic funding problems

It is essential that Egyptian employers understand new concepts of managerial psychology in order to help the country to advance

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