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One of the greatest and most lasting debates of humanity has been the role of destiny in our lives

There is much at stake if the idea of 'American exceptionalism' is dissolving

We can also argue that fashion has taken a backseat to the world’s tragic events, but it was not the case. Fashion does not stop for anything or anyone, anytime

We cannot stop living, but we can overlook a few wrinkles, a little absent-mindedness and keep on living to the fullest, for each day is the first day of the rest of your life

In politics, corruption is the norm, the daily sport of politicians

A second wave came raging, despite every precaution, ravaging Europe, Melbourne, Hong Kong, the UK and other areas, imposing harsher restrictions, lockdowns, masking, spacing and all the rest

The medical world is torn between the desire to eliminate disease, and the need for further knowledge

The state of understanding Time is less than what a reader might want to know

Simply put, man knows right from wrong and has a moral conscience

The whole world now speaks English or needs to. It has become the Lingua Franca, the international language of the world, since about the 19th century

Most people surveyed have labelled it 'the worst year of their lives' and for good reason

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