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While Trump’s decision on Jerusalem set a divisive tone to the end of 2017, the new year promises much

Tahrir Square has been a focus of political upheaval throughout Egypt's modern history

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The media was accused by the old regime of distorting its image. Although the new regime has an immense media arsenal, it is accusing the media of distorting its image and working against Islam and Sharia law

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It is inappropriate to compare Israel's Cast Lead and Pillar of Cloud operations because regional circumstances and strategic conditions have completely changed between them

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The government proposes to save energy by closing shops early. What it really needs to do is address the root of the energy shortage

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Since the January 25 Revolution, Egyptian politicians have pondered what to do about the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty - is now the time to be making changes?

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Egypt is on the brink of an economic and security abyss which is indicated in the military operations taking place on the border, the figures on national reserves, and developments in foreign relations.

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Although there's a big difference between Egypt's Mohamed Morsi and US President Barak Obama, there are also some noteworthy similarities

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It is the legitimacy of the presidency in Egypt that allowed Mohamed Morsi to upturn the entire military institution, though it has seemed unimaginable

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The Olympics is not just about sport, it is about universal human values and it has lessons for Egypt and the region

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Labelling Egypt an 'Arab' republic ignores other important elements of Egyptian history and identity

Democracy is the answer to the freedom we have gained, and is both easiest and most difficult answer

Drama, tragedy and comedy came together over the election of Egypt's new president, leaving mixed feelings over what ought to have been a fresh start in Egypt's history

The media in Egypt needs to be overhauled, but not merely to guarantee freedoms of expression and speech

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With a constituent assembly dominated by an alliance between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafist political parties, what hope is there for a liberal Egypt?

Are coalition governments really the answer?

Despite a newly elected parliament and a plethora of media outlets we've heard very little about the crucial issue of Egyptian national security

With state institutions — including the police — continually under pressure of demonstrations and protests, when are they supposed to find the time to reform?

Egypt now has a legitimate parliament with much work to do; a far cry from the revolutionary street justice some have been calling for

American ruling on sharia may hold lessons for Egypt

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