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As US-Iranian relations heat up, it is vital that the Arabs remain calm and strategic

Often the incumbent president in US elections has an advantage. That may remain the case for Trump, but his unconventional presidency may lead to unconventional outcomes

The Arabs are not the barbarians portrayed by their enemies abroad, but rather active participants in the contemporary global civilisation

In recent years, populism appeared to gain the upper hand, sending the world into isolationist mode. But its ascendancy proved short-lived

Progress can only be achieved by grappling with the hard questions, which is exactly what Dubai has done in the past half-century

While the British appear stuck, unable to decide a way forward on Brexit, European power is being damaged on the world stage

What seems from the outside a failure to reach a deal between Washington and Pyongyang is more likely just another step in a story that will see further chapters yet

Democracy, so lauded as a pillar of the new world order, has proven problematic in recent years, leading to fragmentation and polarisation

The Arabs should keep open avenues for cooperation and partnership with Asia as it becomes an economic centre of gravity in the world economy

The choice of Vietnam as the location of the second US-North Korea summit is replete with significance

Democratic practice itself has come under pressure in the wake of the Brexit debacle, with Britain’s ultimate fate vis-à-vis the EU unclear until now

In this next year and beyond, Iraq and Syria are likely to return to the Arab fold, while Saudi and Egyptian dynamism continues to drive the region towards a better future

The resignation of Jim Mattis is not just the departure of a senior official in the Trump administration, but the exit of a school of US foreign policy thinking.

Some US politicians are rounding on Saudi Arabia, pointing to Yemen, while ignoring the toll of wars the US pursued

The emergence of three poles in the world order appears to be the trajectory. The question is, how will the Arabs position themselves

Abdel-Moneim Said reflects on what happened to one of his enduring interests, cars, amid parallel technological changes across the seven decades of his life

Laila Murad was not just a unique artistic talent, she also epitomised that latent tug-of-war in Arab societies between the quest for modernism and the inability to shed the shackles of stagnation and the fear of the unknown

Amid technological shifts, we may well witness not only the waning of a unipolar world, but the emergence of a tripolar one

Despite being more antagonistic towards the press than any president in US history, Trump continues to control the narrative, ultimately getting his way

Saudi Arabia and the other oil producing countries still have major roles to play in pursuit of stability in the region and beyond

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