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The so-called deal of the century is reported to emphasise economic incentives. But these would be meaningless if discrimination is not abolished

The very phenomenon, globalisation, that brought Europe together is what has also sown dissension and rifts that could tear apart the European project

Football is a vast school that teaches people not just how their national teams can become champions, but how their countries can realise progress in all fields, writes

The meeting between Trump and Jong-un appears to have achieved its main goal: to set the compass for future developments, rather than hammer out an agreement now

Winning the ideological component of the war on terrorism demands coordinated action and region-wide analysis

Despite Washington’s withdrawal from the expected summit with North Korea, neither side will be able to easily abandon the process that has started

The Israeli project succeeded in establishing itself and persisting because of its ability to work with realities on the ground. The Palestinians and Arabs must do likewise

While in many ways similar, the Iranian and Korean crises are unlikely to be resolved by Trump deploying the same means and tactics on both

Platforms like Facebook have grown far beyond their original vision, to the point where even they can interfere in global politics and the institutional frameworks of modern democracy

The strategic Arab quartet that emerged between Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain needs to be strengthened and expanded as a matter of necessity

We suffer from a distinct lack of knowledge about young people who time and again take us completely by surprise

There is an Arab world that could become less miserable than it has been in recent memory and much happier than it has been for a long time

With Saudi Arabia’s Mohamed bin Salman rising to the fore, not only is there a transformation in that kingdom, but a new positivity that could drive Arab hopes in a better direction

A new initiative based on an old idea has emerged, aiming to give a full and complete voice to the one-state solution to the Palestinian/Arab-Israeli conflict

Just as with plans to develop Sinai, shared interests can create a zone of prosperity and cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean

The Middle East region of 2018 is different from that of 2011, with interests having changed, but political geographyonce again in the ascendant

Abdel-Moneim Said reflects on the life and contribution of one of the greatest diplomats in Arab history — Saud Al-Faisal

Boycotts are often a form of bravado. In contrast, policy building based on a strategy and a plan is the way to realise positive change

While Trump has seen some economic successes, overall, he is stymied and his entire arrival to the Oval Office remains subject to criminal investigation

Despite waves of protest over Jerusalem, the deck remains stacked against the Palestinians

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