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Saeed Okasha's Articles
The European Parliament’s recently released report on human rights in Egypt betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of the social and political situation in the country

The US Democratic Party has moved into an alliance with anarchists. It will not serve its electoral prospects come November

The Democratic primaries to pick a nominee for November’s US presidential elections could fracture the party, pitting left against left

How will Washington react to Addis Ababa refraining from signing a US-brokered agreement on GERD

The US Democratic Party has fallen under the influence of a generation of leftist ideologues who will stop at nothing, even risking the viability of the party itself

Does Erdogan have nuclear ambitions? If he does, it will principally be based on the doctrinaire and paranoid religio-political ideology to which he subscribes

Examining the complex of interrelated regional developments that forms the backdrop to President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s visit to the US this week

Those who want a secular and civil state should stop playing into the hands of Islamists by following and reacting to their every word and deed

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