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All past efforts at a political resolution have floundered because the various parties supporting one side or the other in Libya’s civil war have failed to understand the Libyan interior

Turkey’s intervention in Libya threatens to destabilise the entire Mediterranean basin, writes Ziad A Akl

Egypt’s dilemma in Libya lies between needing to stop Turkish interference while minimising political and geographical divisions in aid of a larger resolution to the conflict

Ramadan is a time in which families and friends gather. But not this year, writes Ziad Akl

The state and society must work together in designing and implementing strategies to counter the spread of the coronavirus, writes Ziad A Akl

Recent escalating tensions in the Egyptian domestic football league point to the need for comprehensive reform of the Egyptian football domain

The Arab Spring took a dark turn in Libya, and nine years later not much has changed

Cairo’s Zamalek is not just an upscale neighbourhood. It is a mirror of the social and political transformations Egypt underwent in the last 100 years

The 2011 Revolution politicised football fan groups, but largely by accident. Developments suggest now that they constitute no challenge to the state

Egypt should adopt a long-term strategy to counter radicalisation using the soft power of society

Much was achieved in Egyptian politics in 2019, but much will also need to be done in 2020

While regional alliances are solidifying on both sides of Libya’s bifurcated crisis, the wider international community seems directionless on what to do to assist a political solution

Where institutional political processes prove exclusionary, even to a degree, segments in society that lack representation will find their own ways to express themselves, writes Ziad Akl

As much as two recent agreements signed between Turkey and Tripoli’s government resurrect the latter’s tainted legitimacy, they represent a regional challenge that can’t go unaddressed

The Egyptian state has already recognised the importance of youth. The question now is how to establish a structural programme of youth empowerment in service of society and nation, writes Ziad Akl

There are important differences between terrorism and radicalisation, as a recent study has revealed, writes Ziad Akl

The UN has not been able to find an objective role in the Libyan conflict, and its performance in trying to find a political solution has been problematic

The recent postponing of an Ahly and Zamalek football match underlines the need to depoliticise football in Egypt

The government needs to develop longer-term policies in order to communicate more effectively with the country’s young people

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