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As much as two recent agreements signed between Turkey and Tripoli’s government resurrect the latter’s tainted legitimacy, they represent a regional challenge that can’t go unaddressed

The Egyptian state has already recognised the importance of youth. The question now is how to establish a structural programme of youth empowerment in service of society and nation, writes Ziad Akl

There are important differences between terrorism and radicalisation, as a recent study has revealed, writes Ziad Akl

The UN has not been able to find an objective role in the Libyan conflict, and its performance in trying to find a political solution has been problematic

The recent postponing of an Ahly and Zamalek football match underlines the need to depoliticise football in Egypt

The government needs to develop longer-term policies in order to communicate more effectively with the country’s young people

Gaining credibility in the public sphere requires years of activity in politics, something that the expatriate contractor Mohamed Ali does not possess, writes Ziad Akl

Modes of collective action are again transforming in the Arab world, to which Arab states will be obliged to respond, writes Ziad Akl

Tunisia and Algeria both found themselves without a president, but the political composition of the two countries respectively has had a significant impact on the trajectory each is on

Egypt has faced various challenges since 2013, which the government’s long-term investment strategies are designed to remedy

Have we seen the end of the Ultras football movements as a result of the better organisational and logistical methods apparent in this year’s Africa Cup of Nations

The death of Tunisia’s president was sudden, but he leaves a legacy of robust state structures that will last amid instability, writes Ziad Akl

Vying for wider regional influence, Turkey is purposely prolonging Libya’s eight-year civil war, writes Ziad Akl

What light can the comparative study of revolutions throw on the 30 June Revolution in Egypt

Hosting the Africa Cup of Nations is a foreign-policy success for Egypt and an important expression of its soft power

The current Comprehensive Operation against terrorism in Sinai is significantly different from previous campaigns on some levels

Libya is in need of practical positive initiatives that facilitate dialogue between its warring parties more than individual meetings between leaders

Each year after the next, the anniversary of the January 2011 revolution brings more questions than answers

Flawed or not, the Skhirat agreement must be implemented, else Libya will be inexorably propelled on the path to division and intensifying civil war

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