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Vying for wider regional influence, Turkey is purposely prolonging Libya’s eight-year civil war, writes Ziad Akl

What light can the comparative study of revolutions throw on the 30 June Revolution in Egypt

Hosting the Africa Cup of Nations is a foreign-policy success for Egypt and an important expression of its soft power

The current Comprehensive Operation against terrorism in Sinai is significantly different from previous campaigns on some levels

Libya is in need of practical positive initiatives that facilitate dialogue between its warring parties more than individual meetings between leaders

Each year after the next, the anniversary of the January 2011 revolution brings more questions than answers

Flawed or not, the Skhirat agreement must be implemented, else Libya will be inexorably propelled on the path to division and intensifying civil war

It is time for both Egypt and Algeria to stop playing a divisive role in Libya and start acting in a cooperative framework that would help resolve the conflict in the country

Will Libya’s political agreement prove capable of surviving the various challenges it is facing? Grave would be the consequences if it doesn't

Over the course of the past five years, Ultras movements have been a constant source of disturbance for the Egyptian state

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The Libyan political agreement reached last month is a step forward on a path to peace that has been stymied for some time. Nonetheless, implementing the agreement will not be easy

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Military intervention and religious reform will not counter terrorism without genuine democratic transformation

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Does the dialogue process continue to be Libya’s best option for a political solution to the current crisis?

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Military intervention in Libya at this moment is as problematic as it would appear necessary. And herein lies the paradox

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So far, the state has chosen to deal only with the operational dimensions of terrorism in Sinai. A more effective strategy would deal with causes as well as symptoms, which in nature are multi-dimensional

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Economic, political, ethnic and cultural dimensions should also be considered to effectively tackle this recurrent terrorist threat in Sinai

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A number of laws that have been recently passed have a harmful impact on freedoms and contribute to the return of the state's 'repressive apparatus'

Could a political agreement between competing authorities in Tobruk and Tripoli stop violent confrontations between Libya's myriad militias when neither side is fully sovereign over its own bloc?

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ISIS poses a genuine threat to the Middle East and the world. But the way the Western media covers that threat blows it out of proportion

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The realisation of the goals of the January 2011 revolution requires alterations in state structure to allow for sound democracy, one that starts from below and is based on meaningful political participation

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