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Behind the headlines, rich and long dynamics continue to play out in Iran, in its relation to the Arab world, outside powers, and domestic currents

Is the US demanding too much of its Arab allies in carrying out its objectives in the Middle East

Conflicts with far-reaching and long-term consequences are on the horizon in the Eastern Mediterranean

Tarek Osman pinpoints the factors enhancing or preventing more cooperation between members of the Arab and European countries

Can Europe realise its ambitions to become a global superpower like the US and China

The historical US-Iran nuclear deal is a great success for the Islamic regime and its major quandary

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Hafez Assad died this month fifteen years ago. His legacy continues to haunt Syria and the regime he founded

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Collective Egyptian identity has been severely weakened over the last 60 years in favour of religious sectarianism, leaving society less diverse and culturally poorer

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Post-revolution Egypt faces five deadly-serious challenges: declining economic growth; depletion of the middle class; flagging democratic transformation; political polarisation; and unprecedented regional change

Relevant and timely economic programmes and reforms are required to ensure Egypt's future stability, not elections alone

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Egyptian opposition parties must focus on clear strategies built around key economic messages, and be pragmatic in order to move forward

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Islamists may be able to take advantage of the pent up energies released in the revolution, but sooner or later the truths of the long heritage of Egypt's society will prevail, plurality being one

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When Islamic groups command the legislative and executive powers in a country, the Islamisation of society takes centre stage

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