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The memoirs of former politicians can make fascinating reading

The Egyptian middle classes are under severe pressure, with neoliberal economic policies meaning they have to pay more for goods and services and their purchasing power being in sharp decline

What do accounts by journalists close to the state have to say about the course of the 25 January Revolution

Did the United States bring about the collapse of the former Mubarak regime by encouraging the political ambitions of the Muslim Brotherhood

What best explains the events of the 25 January Revolution

Has the US benefited from China’s rise and could it have acted to stop it

Foreign policy experts are largely hostile to Trump’s decision to terminate waivers on sanctions against Iran. Their fears might be well-founded, but it could also be a gamble that works

Tewfick Aclimandos explains the background to Trump’s decision on the Iran nuclear deal

Does French President Emmanuel Macron really have much in common with US President Donald Trump

What best explains US President Donald Trump’s contradictory messages on the Syrian crisis, culminating in his decision to bomb Syrian targets this week

Ingrained preconceptions in part explain the Western media’s failure to understand the Middle East

The middle classes have been crucial to the development of Egyptian society over recent decades, but they have been little studied and are often poorly understood

Sageman says the international media's image of the jihadist as an desperate, brainwashed young bachelor with no diploma is usually false, but are all his assessments convincing?

What are the problems of the legal system in Egypt

Many commentators see the Egyptian state as being in crisis but for often very different reasons

Foreign policy experts working on the Middle East need to keep a close eye on the sometimes contradictory policies of the great powers

The job of a foreign policy expert is difficult at the best of times, and at difficult times things get even worse

On almost all regional issues former US president Barack Obama failed to deliver, but he did contribute to a significant improvement in the international mood

Initially, Jihad was defensive -- aimed to expel non-Muslim invaders -- but later it clearly changed in practice

With the rising number of jihadists among European non-Muslim citizens comes an increasing need for de-radicalisation. But is there one programme that suits all?

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