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With the rising number of jihadists among European non-Muslim citizens comes an increasing need for de-radicalisation. But is there one programme that suits all?

A year ago, Egypt’s foreign policy looked in crisis. But today it is a different story

Are Egyptian and Western academia two different worlds?

The Egyptian youth, be it an activist or not, is a big unknown, despite pioneering work by Youssef el Chazli and Chaymaa Hassabo. In other words, Egypt, basically a very young country, is a big unknown

On the varying origins of Egyptian liberals

From an early semi-liberal experience, Egypt passed through the vying of nationalists and Islamists. But when conditions improved, post-2011, Egyptian liberals missed the train

Why is liberalism unpopular in Egypt?

Are liberal or democratic concepts a Western product; do their non-Western proponents understand them?

Political liberalism has a bad name in Egypt and Egyptian liberals are seen, both in Egypt and elsewhere, as irrelevant aliens

Is it possible for ordinary people to escape the tyranny of media discourses?

The second debate among the contenders for the right’s nomination for presidency saw some unexpected attacks on Sarkozy

A distinction can be drawn between Egyptian leaders who had a grand design, and those who focused on "equilibrium management." Nasser and Sadat belonged to the first category, King Farouk and Mubarak to the second

Nasser and Sadat were outstanding leaders, with exceptional personal charisma. But Nasser’s appeal to the Third World and Sadat’s popularity in the West does not tell the whole story. Mubarak was a non-controversial figure

A powerful country on the verge of collapse. What explains this contradictory state of affairs, and what role did Egyptian leaders have in producing it?

Should the migrants or their descendants adapt to France, or should France adapt to new realities imposed by other cultures? That was one of the questions that the Burkini case raised

Unlike the American project, the European project denies the need for a nation or a national framework

The real challenge of the European Union project is to prove that an empire can consist of nation states and also remain democratic

What is behind the drive that could see the European Union collapse?

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