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The Special Tribunal for Lebanon's presiding judge says that the court will be totally impartial and not subject to interference

Iraqi government puts forth bill next week to cut ministers' and lawmakers' salaries and divert them to savings

The head of a 22-member Hezbollah cell who escaped from an Egyptian prison during Cairo's revolt was attending a rally of the Iranian-backed group in Beirut Wednesday, television images showed.

For the second day, Jordanian tribesmen blocked the road to Amman's airport during protests calling on the government to restore lands which it acquired for development projects

Iranian regime calls for a rally on Thursday that opposes the opposition rally that took place on Monday

French Foreign Minister gets full support from French government after calls to resign

Jordanian Muslim clerics protested in Amman calling on the government to shut down all nightclubs in the country

A top figure within Israeli opposition party Kadima has been arrested as part of a major investigation into corruption at the heart of the country's tax authority

Al-Maliki arrived in Kuwait Wednesday for a one-day official visit expected to focus on boosting economic and political ties between the two Arab neighbours

Jewish minority in Tunisia feels the tension as Islamists group orchestrated anti-Jewish protests

Private security guards fired at protesters on Wednesday, wounding 12 people, as they tried to storm an Iraqi province's offices and called for the governor to step down

Some tourists cannot wait for the situation to be stable in Tunisia to visit their favourite places there

Policemen behind the killing of two Shiites in Bahrain have been arrested pending investigation,as protesters continued their demonstration in the centre of Manama on Wednesday

Iran's opposition leaders came out fighting on Wednesday amid calls they be executed over deadly protests in Tehran, issuing statements slamming the authorities and praising demonstrators

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The Israel army may have to enter Lebanon again to ensure Hezbollah remembers the lessons of the 2006 war, says Defence minister Ehud Barak

Anti-regime protesters and supporters of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh clashed for a fourth straight day in Sanaa on Wednesday

Hundreds of Bahrainis took part in the funeral of one of two Shiite protesters killed in clashes with police on Wednesday as angry demonstrators occupied a Manama square demanding regime change

The four-decade-old regime of Libyan leader Muammer Gaddafi faces rare Internet calls for protests on Thursday by activists buoyed by the ouster of veteran strongmen on its eastern and western borders, in both Egypt and Tunisia

Iran's lawmakers were enraged at opposition after deadly protests

As they try to march on the presidential palace, anti-government protesters clash with regime supporters

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