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Abdel Moneim Said's Articles

Discussing developments in Washington’s Middle East policy

Abdel-Moneim Said analyses the make America great again phenomenon in the light of the Biden win

Deciphering Oval Office signals

A broad look at Biden’s global challenges

'diverse scenarios risk remaining exercises in political theorising against a backdrop of shifting forces and realignments, but without changing the basic realities for which Palestinians continue to pay the price'

As Washington settles into a new era, what lies ahead?

What should Joe Biden’s Middle East policy prioritise?

Trump and the crisis of democracy

The year has been dramatic, with challenges facing humanity as a whole. But progress has been made, and a brighter future is visible

Obama’s recently published memoirs detail tensions between his vision and lived realities that he never truly resolved

The transition to President Joe Biden has officially started, but the challenges ahead of his administration, nationally and globally, are many

While the world remains riveted on the US election process, friction in the wheels of the smooth transfer of power leaves questions arising as to the health of the American polity

Self-reliance is the option Arabs need to consider to solve the problems of a region fatigued by turmoil and the predations of outsiders near and far

Trump may be facing the music, but the phenomenon he expressed, and became the standard bearer of, may be far from spent, writes Abdel-Moneim Said

Mirroring domestic polarisation, US pundits appear confused on what policy stance to adopt on the Middle East. But this won’t stop the region setting its own course forward

Regardless of who wins November’s US presidential elections, the world has changed. There is no going back

While times have changed, demanding new approaches to regional crises like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Saudi Arabia will not renege on its historic duties to Arab security

It is rare in history for three historical moments to occur at once. But this is what is happening now, and to which Arab leaderships must respond

The adaptability of the Muslim Brotherhood, despite setbacks, warrants greater international coordination to confront this seat of Islamist radicalism and terrorism

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