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Al-Ahram Weekly reports on Sinai’s second terrorist attack this month

G5 Sahel chiefs-of-staff met this week to hammer out a consensual counter-terrorist strategy

The meeting will bring together the chiefs of staff of the G5 Sahel countries and representatives of donor states

Egypt and Saudi Arabia wrapped up the Morgan-16 joint naval drill on 30 January

With the inauguration of Barnis Military Base in the south, all of Egypt’s borders are secured with state-of-the-art armaments, writes Ahmed Eleiba

The Berlin conference on Libyan moved the crisis in the right direction after it had appeared that Ankara and Moscow were on the verge of commandeering the process

The forces will carry out live shooting range exercises of various weaponry by naval, air, ground and air defence forces, proving the armed forces’ capability to secure national interests

As tensions peak between Washington and Tehran after the US assassination of Qassem Suleimani, Iraq is likely to be the ground on which the balance of forces is settled or upturned

As Turkish troops begin to arrive in Libya, Cairo is moving on different levels to ready itself for the repercussions

This year, Yemen’s debilitating civil war continued to prove deadly with no end in sight, neither for the war nor the country’s humanitarian plight

The eruption of conflicts in some Eastern Mediterranean countries, particularly in Syria and Libya present pressing challenges to the security and stability of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Ahram Weekly reviews 12 months in which military spending skyrocketed while instability continued and little progress was made in resolving long-running regional conflicts

The precarious state of security in this tense and volatile region compels countries like Egypt to maintain an army that is well-equipped, highly trained and constantly prepared

With the illicit inflow of arms into Libya increasing, prospects for a political resolution to the Libyan conflict appear ever more remote, writes Ahmed Eleiba

War against extremist groups cannot be won in the traditional manner, the Global Terrorism Index of 2019 concludes. Ahmed Eleiba analyses the findings

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