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A political source close to the dialogue in Cairo said that Egypt still sees a chance to resume talks between the rival factions

Egypt recently took part in joint military drills with Bahrain titled 'Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed 2016,' which took place from 19 to 30 December 2016

The meetings — including between Minister of Defence Sedki Sobhi and CENTCOM's commander — comes ahead of a visit to Washington of President El-Sisi

Idlib would be far harder to conquer than Aleppo was

Defence Minister Sedki Sobhi also discussed operations being carried out by Egypt’s armed forces battling militants in North Sinai

Ahram Online visists Egypt's airborne unit

Sources report that the initiative of UN Special Envoy for Yemen Ismail Ould Sheikh Ahmed on a peace deal for Yemen may come to fruition, spurred by a last ditch visit to the region of John Kerry

Peace in Yemen receded further into a distant horizon this week amid rejections of a UN-sponsored peace initiative and Houthi-launched missile that the Saudis claim targeted Mecca

A new initiative to end the Yemeni conflict is rumoured to be on the table. But little indicates it has greater prospects of success than any prior attempt

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