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Ahmed Eleiba's Articles
Ahmed Eleiba reports on the role played by the Armed Forces to develop Sinai

The state continues to try to strike a balance between combating terrorism and developing Sinai

The UN’s special envoy to Yemen is trying to revive prospects of a comprehensive settlement, but the increasingly complex weave of regional entanglements threatens his efforts

Army operations in Sinai successfully target leaders of IS terrorist group

On the one hand offering to help bring a settlement on Yemen, on the other feeding prospects of a new wave of sectarianism, Iran remains a dangerous lynchpin to many regional problems

The UN’s special envoy for Yemen is facing criticism, though little progress has been made on negotiations and peace from any other quarters

As COS 2018 continues security forces have all but ended the mobility of terrorists

Ahmed Eleiba examines Cairo’s take on the “deal of the century” on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict proposed by the United States

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