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Muslim Brotherhood leader says that attacks outside Muslim Brotherhood office were exaggerated, and blames 'provocation' on part of protesters

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Speculation has mounted in recent weeks as to the army's possible return to domestic politics. Analysts and military sources, however, appear quick to dismiss the notion as unrealistic

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Letter endorsed by Iranian academics promoting Iran's Shia-Muslim system of governance is slammed by Egyptian Islamist critics who say it represents 'interference in Egypt's domestic affairs'

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Consignment of US F-16 jet fighters to Cairo signals level of support for Egypt's President Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood from which he hails, say military experts

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Egypt's main opposition coalition puts forward four conditions for participating in the next round of President Morsi's national dialogue initiative

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Leading FJP member rejects compromise solutions, says Islamist forces are to hold counter-demonstrations Wednesday afternoon and Friday, shrugging off potential confrontation with anti-Morsi protesters

Egyptian Intelligence to delegate Gaza ceasefire and aim to ease the move of goods through check points

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Egypt's General Intelligence apparatus mediates intensive ceasefire talks aimed at halting Gaza carnage; Sources close to negotiations expect agreement within next 48 hours

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Tel Aviv comes into range of missiles fired by Gaza-based resistance, sowing panic in streets of Israeli capital and prompting call up of some 30,000 reservists

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Israel’s bombing of a munitions factory in Sudan last week has raised questions about the country’s intentions towards Iran

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Egypt-Israel's relations remain back-and-forth, underling tensions despite reassuring messages regarding Camp David peace treaty, border issues and security in Sinai

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As Tel Aviv regime urges Berlin to halt scheduled delivery of German submarines to Egypt, military experts say Cairo must diversify its sources for weapons purchases

In an exclusive interview, Essam El-Erian – presidential adviser and acting chairman of Brotherhood's FJP – talks to Ahram Online about parliamentary polls, new constitution and Egypt's post-revolution foreign policy

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Both Hamas prime minister Ismail Hanyia and chief-in-exile Khaled Mashal will be in Cairo to hold separate meetings with key Egyptian figures to discuss Hamas leadership and tunnels issues

The Rafah border is now the target of Egypt's military following Sunday's Sinai attacks blamed on assailants entering from Gaza, local residents tell Ahram Online

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Decision by US to send unmanned, remote-controlled submersibles to Strait of Hormuz has triggered controversy in already tense region

Iran's supreme guide believes that making a nuclear bomb is a simulation of the North Korean model, and a safety measure for his regime in the coming quarter of a century

Brotherhood candidate's campaign claims Sunday's announcement will see their man become president; SPEC sources say results will not vary from earlier tabulations

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The constitutional annex issued by Egypt's ruling military council raises questions about the role of the next president and the army in post-transition arrangements

Less than a year since its establishment, Egypt's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) - along with parent organisation the Muslim Brotherhood - appears to be in a state of confusion

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