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Ceasefire in Gaza Strip falls apart after just a few hours

Despite horrendous losses to life suffered in Gaza in Israel’s latest onslaught, resistance factions are proving that they have made leaps forward in their capabilities

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Simple as it might appear, in reality it will not be easy for the major current of Jihadist Salafists in Sinai to convert to their Iraqi counterpart ISIL; however, it is not impossible

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The political cards are being redistributed among the players in Iraq, with profound implications for the region

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The Egyptian government continues concerted attempts to dismantle the Muslim Brotherhood’s sources of funding

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Israeli politicians have remained largely silent on Egypt's presidential election but the media is expecting a victory for El-Sisi and a continuation of the cold peace

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Though it started as a peaceful uprising against the regime, the Syrian conflict has now attracted dozens of armed groups to the country from across the region

The appointment of prince Muqrin Bin Abdel-Aziz as Saudi Arabia’s deputy crown prince has set a significant precedent in the kingdom

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The defence minister's resignation would be the first step towards his presidential bid

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Creation of the National Security Council has drawn criticism from some quarters, but defence officials say it is necessary

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Egyptian-Russian relations have entered a crucial stage against the backdrop of historic changes in the Arab region

There is a general awareness in the US of the widespread desire in Egypt for El-Sisi to run for president, yet hopes are pinned on achieving tangible political transformation that includes the Islamist camp

Main Syrian opposition coalition have yet to decide whether they will attend next week's meeting in Geneva

Due to convene in one week, the Geneva II talks on Syria are still beset by uncertainty, including whether Tehran will be present, and in what capacity

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Negotiations follow recent Sudanese endorsement of Grand Renaissance Dam; Egyptian water minister says he is attending the conference with 'open heart'

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The resignation of one of the stalwarts of the Bashir regime in Sudan last week could indicate deeper and broader changes ahead, or simply a cosmetic reshuffling of the current regime

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Egyptian military source says US decision to halt aid 'comes as no surprise'; analysts dismiss long-term impact of cuts

The Syria crisis has opened channels of communication between the United States and Iran, Syria's key regional ally, but this does not mean that Tehran is ready to compromise its nuclear ambitions

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