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Syrian National Council spokesperson tells Ahram Online opposition will 'move against the Al-Assad regime' regardless of political transformations in region

Pan Arab body confers with Syrian opposition groups to forge common vision for transition of power ahead of scheduled meeting in Cairo on troubled country's future

The League is preparing for an 500-man observer mission to Syria this week

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'It is my honour that the Israeli media views me as an enemy of Israel,' says one of Egypt's most prominent TV journalists amid controversy over her interview with release Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit

An Egyptian security source denies Israeli media report that Egyptian soldiers killed three protesters at the Israeli embassy on 9 September

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If Egypt concludes a prisoner swap deal with Israel, Washington has said it will approve all pending arms deals

Relatives left frustrated as prisoners earmarked for deportation to Turkey, Syria and Qatar are unable to meet their loved ones at the Egypt-Israel border, while two female prisoners protest their deportation to Qatar

Suddenly, swapping prisoners between Palestinians and Israelis was given priority after five years of negotiations and 70 rounds of meetings

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Meeting between Tantawi and Panetta to decide the future of Grapel; Israeli security delegation to inspect embassy in Cairo; Hamas denies ties with the former German mediator and deal for exchange of prisoners

Regime will not fall except through armed force, says rebel leader; divisions within Syrian army opening as sectarian angle to conflict deepens

While the Fatah leadership pushes ahead at the UN, Palestinians remain divided, though a majority believes the UN move has helped expose the real positions of Western states

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Some experts see a thawing in Egyptian-Ethiopian relations, strained over Ethiopia's plan to build a massive dam over the Nile; others remain concerned

Security experts reject Israeli allegations of Egyptian involvement in last month's Eilat attacks

Many Egyptians played a role in Libya's uprising, and the Egyptian military seems anxious to be involved in the reconstruction of the country; so what will post-dictator relations between the two states look like?

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Ahram Online travels through Sinai tracking Al-Qaeda's footprints in the sands, and finds the Egyptian army battling on two fronts

Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr announces Egypt's recognition of Libya's transitional council and states that Egypt supported the opposition body from the beginning

Iranian official delivers invitation to Nabil El-Arabi and emphasises the importance of close Egyptian-Iranian ties and a resolution of the 'situation' in Syria

Turkey's Foreign Minister visits Cairo, answering questions on Syria, Libya, NATO, and lays groundwork for PM Erdogan's upcoming visit to form an Egypt-Turkey council

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