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Egypt first signed a deal with Berlin to buy two German-made Type 209 submarines in 2011, ordering two more in 2014

The formation of a new government in Iraq appears fated to drag on, with the largest group in parliament rejecting the nomination of Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zurufi

The coronavirus, terrorists and drug dealers: Egypt’s Armed Forces are currently involved in fierce fighting on multiple fronts

Egypt is rolling up its sleeves to contain the spread of the coronavirus

Egypt underscored its desire to protect and strengthen human rights

An Islamic State commander was killed in a shootout with the military

UN peace-making efforts in Yemen are coming under question as the spectre of renewed open conflict looms

Yemen’s warring political forces have met in Amman under UN auspices, but while the Geneva settlement track looks set to be revived, negotiations will be fraught

An exchange of prisoners offers a glimmer of hope on the Stockholm track, while tensions rise in the Yemeni south against the Saudi military presence

Al-Ahram Weekly reports on Sinai’s second terrorist attack this month

G5 Sahel chiefs-of-staff met this week to hammer out a consensual counter-terrorist strategy

The meeting will bring together the chiefs of staff of the G5 Sahel countries and representatives of donor states

Egypt and Saudi Arabia wrapped up the Morgan-16 joint naval drill on 30 January

With the inauguration of Barnis Military Base in the south, all of Egypt’s borders are secured with state-of-the-art armaments, writes Ahmed Eleiba

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