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Egypt and the US are poised to resume Bright Star training exercises from 10 to 20 September

The army also destroyed 14 terrorist hideouts, where they found military uniforms, communication devices, computers, weapons and improvised explosive devices

Minister Sadky Sobhy stressed the importance of the deep historic ties linking Nile Basin countries

Security forces also destroyed several militant hideouts and eight motorcycles belonging to militants

Two militants were killed in the raid on the tunnel, according to the military statement

Lieutenant General Mahmoud Hegazy held talks with rival Libyan delegations to discuss reconciliation

Egypt will utilize some of its newly acquired weaponry, such as a Mistral-class Landing Helicopter Dock – named after the late president Anwar El-Sadat

The army also destroyed 20 vehicles belonging to terrorist groups and four car-bombs that were intended to target security forces

The Egyptian army says it destroyed a number of trucks laden with weapons and explosives

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