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In the wake of the Aramco strikes, the Houthi movement has proclaimed a new initiative for a ceasefire. How genuine the initiative is, however, is open to question

The training encompassed several activities, from composing sailing formations to inspections of suspicious targets

Various naval units comprising frigates, mine hunters and explosives sweepers are participating in the training

While UN peace-making efforts in Yemen appear to be getting nowhere, Washington along with Riyadh and Abu Dhabi are focusing efforts on political solutions, writes Ahmed Eleiba

Cairo continues to mediate between Hamas and Israel, writes Ahmed Eleiba

Israel’s strategy against Iranian proxies in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon may precipitate a conflagration on multiple fronts

Political issues prevailed over the more usual economic agenda at this week’s G7 Summit in Biarritz, writes Ahmed Eleiba

While direct clashes between Yemeni government forces and Southern Resistance Forces have abated, the confrontation on the political level is unlikely to dissipate

Fresh attacks in Yemen raise questions on whether a single state or two will be the final result of the civil war

Units participating in the Eagle Salute/Eagle Response 2019 exercises, which began last week in Egyptian territorial waters in the Red Sea, are rounding up their activities, reports Ahmed Eleiba

Last week’s drone attack on an Al-Shuhada militia base in Iraq has added to the already heightened tensions in the region

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