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Ahmed Eleiba's Articles
Ahmed Eleiba examines the domestic and regional ramifications of Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018

Operation Sinai 2018 is one of the largest coordinated campaigns that Egypt has conducted against domestic terrorism

Ahram Online republishes this report from October 2017 on the army's fight against terrorism in north Sinai

While efforts are underway to push towards a national solution to the Yemen crisis, tensions and competing interests on the ground continue to present obstacles

Ahram Online provided live coverage of the launch of the 'comprehensive' Operation Sinai 2018 by the Egyptian Armed Forces on Friday to purge the country of terrorists

Ahram Online republishes this report from May 2017 on the role of tribes in north Sinai in the war against terror groups

The Egyptian Armed Forces do not need anyone's help to fight the terrorists in North Sinai, says army spokesman

An outbreak of hostilities in Aden has spurred calls for the internationally recognised government to relocate, which could be prelude to temporary or permanent southern secession

As the humanitarian crisis in Yemen deepens, tensions between armed movements in the south and the Bin Daghr government threaten worse to come

The Islamic State is using Sinai to settle scores with Hamas

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