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Latest UN attempts to resolve the Yemeni crisis all but failed when Houthi representatives failed to show up in Geneva. But the real problem is outside powers prolonging the war, write and

Egypt has launched its first ever locally made corvette

Economic conditions are worsening in the Yemeni capital Sanaa against a background of rising tensions between the Yemeni government and the Lebanese group Hizbullah

Ahmed Eleiba examines the Hamas-Fatah dispute hampering the conclusion of a reconciliation agreement

The UN’s special envoy to Yemen has called for direct talks. But with Tehran upping its tug-of-war with Washington, it doesn’t appear likely that a comprehensive settlement is near

Ahmed Eleiba reports on the role played by the Armed Forces to develop Sinai

The state continues to try to strike a balance between combating terrorism and developing Sinai

The UN’s special envoy to Yemen is trying to revive prospects of a comprehensive settlement, but the increasingly complex weave of regional entanglements threatens his efforts

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