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The Central Bank of Egypt is to hold interest rates unchanged in a move widely expected by experts

It is still a good time to invest in gold despite the record prices

The government is keen to switch more vehicles in Egypt to run on natural gas

Al-Ahram Weekly reports on calls for a temporary halt on frozen fish imports after reports linking them to the spread of the coronavirus

Last week’s increases in consumer electricity prices were essential to help the industry modernise the grid and meet its performance targets, writes Ahmed Kotb

A ministerial decision temporarily to suspend construction permits has impacted the construction sector, already suffering as a result of the coronavirus pandemic

Egypt’s economic performance indicators are good, but foreign loans are still needed to help protect it from problems related to the spread of the coronavirus

Egypt’s exports of agricultural products are increasing despite the coronavirus crisis

Preserving Egypt’s industrial production and exports is a top priority during the Covid-19 crisis, according to experts at a recent seminar

There were small discounts to be had at petrol pumps across Egypt this week, reports Ahmed Kotb

Egypt’s industrial sector is seeking urgent measures to help fight the effects of the coronavirus pandemic

Cash withdrawals and deposits at Egypt’s banks have been limited for individuals and businesses

Falling oil and natural gas prices worldwide due to the spread of the coronavirus have pushed down local prices for industry

Experts worry that improved passenger car sales in Egypt could suffer on the back of the spread of the coronavirus, reports Ahmed Kotb

Fears of the spread of the coronavirus are expected to slow global trade with China, with Egypt being no exception

Experts at a recent seminar in Cairo offered their advice on how students can be better prepared for the job market

With the possibility of a rival bid from Telecom Egypt to buy Vodafone Egypt in addition to that from the Saudi Telecom Company, the fate of the company remains in the balance, reports Ahmed Kotb

STC said the non-binding agreement will be valid for 75 days starting last Wednesday and could be extended until a final agreement is reached between the two parties

Egypt and the UK embark on a new era of trade relations

Some $100 million in increased exports to Africa were reported in the first nine months of 2019

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