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Hundreds of detainees arrested in the wake of protests on 20 September have been released, writes Ahmed Morsy

The cabinet has issued new regulations to legalise the work of ride-hailing companies Uber and Careem, reports Ahmed Morsy

El-Sisi remarks came today during the first session of the eighth National Youth Conference, titled 'Evaluating the experience of combating terrorism locally and regionally.'

The government is seeking to levy fees for beach use, reports Ahmed Morsy

Ahmed Morsy reports on the Health Ministry’s controversial decision to delist the owners of two of Egypt’s largest pharmacy chains

Air Malta’s flights will boost bilateral tourism and trade opportunities, according to the airline's chairman

The blast that shook central Cairo on Sunday, killing 22 and injuring 70, leaves many unanswered questions in its wake

The new complex, which is considered the largest in North Africa, achieves self-sufficiency for Egypt in fertilizers and compounds, and also enables the government to export the surplus

Emmanuel Ollita Ondongo, president of the Association of African Anti-Corruption Authorities, speaks with Ahmed Morsy about efforts to crack down on graft

Transportation fares increased from 10 per cent to 25 per cent in Cairo and Giza governorates after a recent fuel hike, reports Ahmed Morsy

The city of Port Said will be the first in Egypt to see the implementation of the country’s new universal healthcare system

Alan Bacarese, director for Integrity and Anti-Corruption at the African Development Bank, spoke to Ahmed Morsy about the efforts to tackle corruption in the African continent

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