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At first they denied it, then said they acted with the Israeli government's knowledge. The government denies it, leaving many wondering what is at the bottom of the scandal of Ofer Brothers trading with Iran

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Statement 59 of the SCAF assures the Egyptian people they do not favour any particular political force

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Protesters take to the streets and squares around Egypt demanding that the revolution run its course, with the main focus on Tahrir Square where the Army have been noticeable by their absence

Bond sales are possible due to US loan guarantee mentioned in last week's $2 billion aid package

The Fair, opening tomorrow, will give leading international firms a chance to present their services to visitors from across the region

Mubarak and sons charged with killing protesters

Media claims that Gulf royalty could pay the ousted president's medical bills are refuted by the minister of health, adding that any such offers would be turned down as a matter of course

Firm targets 9 local brands with average increases of 8.4 per cent, effective immediately

After more than a week-long sit-in in front of the State TV offices, the Coptic organisers have temporarily called off the demonstrations, hoping government promises will yield results

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Sources tell Ahram Online that ousted president Mubarak signed a waiver to relinquish all his properties/assets in Egypt in hopes for release from custody during corruption and criminal investigations

Some young protesters released, most remain in custody

Egypt is following up on the Palestinian reconciliation agreement of this month by sponsoring talks on implementation Monday

Shortage is affecting public transport, trade and food supplies, hiking prices and prompting government to speed up its energy imports

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Ahram Online unravels one of the strings of the convoluted Mubarak fortune, starting with business stakes in a Cyprus-based company

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Governorate stocking up on essential supplies in preparation for a million man march on Gaza on May 15

After Israel blocks funds to the Palestinian Authority following deal with Hamas, France promises 10 million Euros as compensation

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