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The centenary of Egypt’s 1919 Revolution will see many recalling its events and historical outcomes. But 1918 was almost as crucial a year, as the memoirs of revolutionary leader Saad Zaghloul explain

Born in Canada, former PLO legal advisor Diana Buttu grew up shielded from the trauma of her parent's displacement- only to come of age between the two Intifadas, as she tells Amira Howeidy

Palestinian gazelle leaps to the other side

Hamas and Cairo are trying to salvage the reconciliation agreement with extended talks and a roadmap

The arrest of a prominent Palestinian rights defender by the PA has invited criticism of President Abbas’s growing authoritarianism

Palestinian prisoners in Israel ended a mass hunger strike this week, claiming victory in the struggle for better conditions and basic rights

On the 69th anniversary of the 1948 Palestinian 'Nakba', Ahram Online republishes a review of of Salman Abu Sitta's Mapping My Return: A Palestinian Memoir, Cairo: AUC Press, 2016. pp318

Did the resignation of ESCWA’s chief over a UN report describing Israel as an apartheid state let the genie out of the bottle?

Sunday’s church bombing in central Cairo, claimed by Islamic State, left 24 dead and a dark cloud of unresolved anger

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Al-Wasat Party leader Abul-Ela Madi makes his first public speech since his release from prison last year as he attempts to revive his centrist Islamist party

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Massive security deployment to confront protests on Sinai Day contained dissent without addressing the problem

More and more people are protesting against high electricity, gas and water prices by flooding social media with pictures of their bills

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The epicentre of the January 2011 Revolution, is receiving the attention of the authorities as they seek to revive its Khedival identity and reshape its landscape and function

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Thirty-three years today, Israeli-backed Lebanese Phalangist militias massacred 3,500 Palestinians in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps. We republish an Ahram Weekly account to mark one of the 20th century's worst atrocities

What is behind the hype surrounding the re-opening of the underground station that serves Tahrir Square?

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With the possibility of a ground operation in Yemen growing, Egypt’s domestic front is concerned

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