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Sufi orders will celebrate at home rather than gathering in mosques, as is traditional

In collaboration with the British Council in Egypt, local NGOs aim to instill and develop new and green creative industries

As Novelist Khaled al-Khamisi launches the latest season of Doum Art, he shares his "outsider status" in Egyptian society has taken him in many unusual ‎directions

In the first of a series titled Soul Talks, author Rasha Zeidan shared with readers the inspiration for her first novel Roh, (Soul, 2016)

Egypt is mourning the passing of one of its music pillars — Gamalat Shiha, who reached ancient notes of a folk history passed down across generations

Day one of the inaugural event celebrated much more than just the country's ancient past

Ahram Online provides the list of all of the festival's week-long events nationwide

Cairo is celebrating World Heritage Day on 18 April with a range of exhibitions and live performances in various venues

Ghalia Ben Ali's folk novel is filled with timeless truths

"Her name is Sarah," explained Magi El-Khodary in reference to her family's 1949 Buick Roadmaster, bought in 2004

This uplifting show for children, co-produced by the UK's Unicorn Theatre, is featuring in the 8th Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children at the Cairo Opera House from 8 to 13 March

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