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Attia Essawi's Articles
A look at Egypt’s unrelenting diplomacy to safeguard its share of Nile water

The medium-term prospects of peace in Afghanistan look increasingly fragile as tensions rise between the Taliban and US-supported government in Kabul,

Attia Essawi traces the long history of Ethiopian intransigence on Nile water negotiations

What does Khartoum stand to gain from its refusal to initialise the draft agreement on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Peace draws closer to hand in the six-year-long conflict in South Sudan, but many obstacles remain before an end to the country’s civil war can be declared, writes Attia Essawi

Al-Ahram Weekly examines the dilemmas that plague the continent and what AU summits have done to address them

Al-Ahram Weekly finds reasons for optimism following the latest round of negotiations on GERD

Turkey, Qatar and Iran are not only concerned with North Africa. The tentacles of their expansionist plans penetrate deep into the continent as a whole, writes Attia Essawi in the second installment of a series of articles

Beyond Libya, the evidence is mounting of a Turkish-Qatari expansionist alliance bent on bringing to heel large swathes of the African continent

Attia Essawi reviews the agenda of the two-day Invest for Africa Forum which starts tomorrow

This week’s meeting in Washington on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam should shift the stalled negotiations forward, writes Attia Essawi

Despite its resounding defeat in Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State, as well as its offshoots and competitors, is far from a spent force as it eyes Africa

Global and regional powers are increasingly looking to Africa to source development and investment projects on which they hope to reap significant profits

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