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While the Trump administration says military action against Iran is not precluded, war is unlikely, at least for now

The Americans will soon reveal details of a new peace plan to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, yet a long-term settlement is unlikely

Ex-adviser to the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah, Khaled Elgindy, speaks to Al-Ahram Weekly about the Trump administration’s supposed peace plan

The AKP in Turkey is ready to “use any means against the opposition” to prevent it from future electoral gains

The end of the rule of president Abdel-Aziz Bouteflika in Algeria has raised questions about how to integrate the Islamist groups in the post-Bouteflika era

This week’s bombings in Sri Lanka and similar ones in the rest of the Asia-Pacific in recent years have established counter-terrorism as a top priority in the region

After the “shocking” loss of major cities in local elections, Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) took steps to block the electoral outcome

In a talk organised by the American University of Cairo, two professors of political science put forward their analysis of what's happening in America

The US have cut $ 305 million of funding to humanitarian projects in the Occupied Palestinian territories, further jeopardizing an already strained relationship

Almost 50,000 people working in state institutions, including police and public schools, have either been detained or lost their jobs as Erdogan reasserts control

Around 2.3 million people face internal displacement in Yemen, while 120,000 others have been forced to leave the country

After June elections failed to give Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party the majority it wanted, fresh elections start Sunday. But according to some analysts, the outcome could be much the same

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