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While Israel might need “a few more days or weeks” beyond 1 July to finalise its plans to annex the West Bank, the policy remains unchanged

Tunisia has declared victory in its war against terrorism near the country’s border with Algeria

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, America’s top diplomat will visit Israel to discuss its plans to annex the occupied West Bank, writes Bassem Aly

Many charities have been affected by unprecedented challenges this Ramadan as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, writes Bassem Aly

Tensions in European-Israeli ties are growing over Israel’s plans to annex the West Bank

A new mobile application is offering virtual reality tours of Egypt’s tourist sites

The curfew to prevent the spread of the coronavirus has led to an increase in the use of telecom services in Egypt

The Netanyahu-Gantz coalition’s plans to annex the whole of the West Bank met an angry Arab response this week, writes Bassem Aly

This year Egyptians welcomed spring at home, reports Bassem Aly

Israelis will avoid new Knesset elections after Benjamin Netanyahu and rival Benny Gantz reach a deal on a coalition government,

The Japanese drug Avigan may be the world’s best hope for ending the global Covid-19 pandemic

Egyptians are investing billions in new high-yield savings certificates from state-owned banks, reports Bassem Aly

Turkey and Russia have reached a new ceasefire deal in Idlib in northwest Syria

Gold prices in Egypt fluctuated this week, but analysts believe they will be heading north again soon, writes Bassem Aly

Despite the temporary closure of schools and universities in Egypt due to the new coronavirus, many families are still worried about their children

The US decision to cancel two orders of Iron Dome missile defence batteries from Israel is not a sign of tension in strategic relations between the two allies, writes Bassem Aly

The formation of a new coalition government in Tunisia is an opportunity to address the country’s socio-economic ills, writes Bassem Aly

The displacement of tens of thousands of people from Idlib in north west Syria amid ongoing fighting between regime and Turkish troops could result in a new refugee crisis

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