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Through foreign military expansion, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is looking to bolster his standing with nationalist support

Donald Trump has recovered from Covid-19. But will he get re-elected?

Could talks between Israel and Lebanon on disputed maritime borders lead to a broader rapprochement between the two sides

Newly appointed Lebanese prime minister Mustafa Adib has resigned after failing to form a government

Sheikh Sabah became Kuwait's emir in 2006 following a history of serving in key state positions, including prime minister and foreign minister for four decades

Talks will focus on managing the transitional period and leaders in key posts

Disagreements over who will lead the Finance Ministry in Lebanon have complicated talks on forming a new government

Kushner’s comments came after the UAE and Bahrain signed normalisation agreements with Israel at the White House

According to sources, Al-Sarraj will stay on in a caretaker capacity through Geneva's negotiations next month

'The Libyan delegations, expressing appreciation for Rabat’s mediatory role, will discuss details of the transitional period, restructuring of institutions and representation of the Libyan factions in key power positions'

Former diplomat Mustapha Adib has been appointed the new prime minister of Lebanon as the country recovers from the Beirut blasts earlier this month

The Tunisian parliament will likely approve the country’s new government in order to avoid possible dissolution

Netanyahu and the head of Sudan's transitional sovereign council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, had a meeting in Uganda in February

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