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'My first trip was to South Sudan, my second was to Egypt,' said Khartoum's new top diplomat

As rival protests are held in Tunisia, writes Bassem Aly, it is clear how sharply polarised the political landscape has become

A month into his inauguration, Biden finally spoke to Netanyahu

The road to reviving nuclear diplomacy with Iran appears to be full of challenges

Despite reviving memories of the Gezi Park protests of 2013, the current student protests in Turkey can hardly be as significant

Biden addressed the AU summit, saying the US 'is committed to rebuilding our partnerships around the world and re-engaging with international institutions like the African Union'

The protests in the Lebanese city of Tripoli against the lockdown designed to halt the spread of the Covid-19 are unlikely to spread to the rest of the country

Do last week’s bombings in Baghdad signal a re-eruption of the war against the Islamic State group in Iraq

The spokesperson argued the only way the border conflict can be solved is through resorting to technical committees that will handle the demarcation process

Domestic, regional and international conditions have all facilitated the holding of Palestinian general elections

The timing of former Lebanese prime minister Saad Al-Hariri’s visit to Istanbul last week raises many political and economic questions

With just days to go before a new administration in Washington, Iraq is becoming the centre of US-Iranian strategic tensions

Some parties seek to create tensions between the two states, stressing that their historical relations are too deep to be shaken by the desire of conspirators, says Mufti

The Turkish parliament approved Erdogan's bill extending the deployment of military troops in Libya for 18 months

The arrival of US President-elect Joe Biden to the White House in January might bring greater US-EU cooperation on Turkey

Turkish historian M Hakan Yavuz, the author of a new book on Turkish Neo-Ottomanism, explains the politics of Turkish nostalgia for the former Ottoman Empire

Despite escalating rhetoric, the EU appears reticent in going beyond threats of imposing sanctions on Turkey,

Financial pressure has seemingly spurred the Palestinians to restore diplomatic relations with Israel

Although Biden has signalled a coming change in America’s Iran policy, it may not be as easy as it seems

Palestine experts argue that normalisation agreements between Israel and three Arab states have had little impact on Israel’s settlement construction policy

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