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Cairo residents talk about history and change in Egypt’s capital

Many countries in the region are intensifying their counterterrorism efforts, the report noted

Al-Ahram Weekly examines how the seemingly intractable problems Sudan is facing impact on the complex relationships between the country’s political partners

Having been close to the hearts of the divas of Egyptian cinema and music in the very last decade of their ‘golden age’, Samir Sabry shares entertaining accounts in 'Stories of my entire life'

Some doctors say the coronavirus vaccine will protect them and their patients. Others believe it is better to adopt a precautionary lifestyle until its efficiency and side effects are clear

Film director Amr Salama shares his take on film and series making and a new launch of Omar Sharif and Roubi

Cairo is opening a new page on Libya

Health policies prominent Expert Alaa Ghannam says that the world has shown its most 'ferocious economic face' when it came to the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine

Some of the larger questions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic have been met with atypical answers in Egypt

Cairo is busy recalibrating its diplomatic choices

Unlike some other memoires that have come out during the past few years by some of Mubarak’s men, El-Fiqi’s book is outright revealing, interesting, and free of any superimposed extracts from speeches and documents

The late Salah Eissa’s carefully selected accounts from the history of Egypt, mostly during the 19th century, read like a perfect resume of Egypt’s modern history

Egyptian and Sudanese intellectuals are trying to forge new mechanisms to improve relations between the two countries

Will next week’s Arab foreign ministers’ meeting mark the end of states paying lip service to pan-Arabism?

Reconciliation with Qatar may not have been part of Egypt’s foreign policy, but now it has happened Cairo is determined to make it work

Biden and the Middle East: Who wants what? Al-Ahram Weekly looks for an answer

In the second volume of his biography, Amr Moussa, a prominent Egyptian/Arab diplomat, shares more of his first hand accounts on the often turbulent path of Egyptian and Arab politics

On the 50th anniversary of the official opening of the Aswan High Dam, Al-Ahram Weekly revisits its building through oral history, memories, and technical reports

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is increasingly impacting Cairo’s foreign policy choices

It is impossible to subtract the history of Egypt’s Coptic Christians from mainstream Egyptian history, historian Mohamed Afifi explains in an interview with Al-Ahram Weekly

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