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Yemen, Iran and Saudi political developments are among topics to be discussed in the upcoming meeting of Donald Trump and Mohamed bin Salman in Washington next week

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman is seeking a stronger alliance with Egypt as he pushes for new forms of regional engagement

What did Mike Pence really bring to his Middle East tour?

Cairo hopes this week’s Sisi-Desalegn talks will resuscitate stalled negotiations over Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam

The timing and agenda of the Pence visit to Cairo reveal much about the current profile of Egyptian-American relations

This month marks the centennial of the birth of Gamal Abdel Nasser, one of the most revered and also criticised of Egypt's modern leaders

Five pairs of hands that could offer help in fixing your Christmas dinner

Coptic historian Atef Naguib discusses a key, but often overlooked, era in Egyptian history

Egypt used direct political intervention in neighbouring countries to consolidate its national security interests

The Henna Project – the graceful modern drawings of the old henna tradition as fashioned by Nadine Dafrawy

As the war in Yemen passes the 1,000-day mark, aid workers and diplomats say the humanitarian crisis is ongoing, with nearly 7 million people facing starvation and no clear solution in sight

A visit by the Ethiopian prime minister to Cairo should allow negotiations to proceed on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Ethiopian ambassador to Egypt Taye Stke-Selassie Amde tells Dina Ezzat

The online silver and copper jewelry that are designed and crafted by Zeina El-Shazly

The online crochet service is offered by the ‘hooks and hands’ of Farida Kamal

The austerity, suffering and occasional joy of Coptic fasting cuisine, courtesy of Charles Akl

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