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UN-backed talks may yet make the next anniversary of the Yemen war the last

Riyadh’s wish to boost its international profile is likely to result in political and economic deals across the region

Cairo is hoping 2019 will be the year when political and economic deals come to fruition

Researcher Alia Mossallam tells Dina Ezzat how the voices of Egyptian troops in World War I can be reconstructed

Talks between the Egyptian and Palestinian presidents in Sharm El-Sheikh this week offered an opportunity to improve the lot of ordinary Palestinians

Harnessing modern techniques to traditional crafts can help cultural preservation and economic development

The growing warmth in Israeli-Arab Gulf relations has spilled into the public domain. It is a trajectory that will continue

'Juice Me Up' and the pleasure of indulging in colourful and bright smoothies and shakes

Against a backdrop of growing threats of Israeli strikes against Gaza, Cairo is expanding its mediation efforts in the hope of securing a two-year ceasefire

Egypt and Russia consolidate their shared positions on Syria and Libya

October War Veteran Farouk Alameddine tells Ahram Online the war saw much bravery from the army and the people 'side by side'

Zeinab ElKady talks to Ahram Online about a new exhibition the Knottella Factory for hand-knitted dolls is soon to stage

Dina Ezzat and photographer Sherif Sonbol visit the three Suez Canal cities in search of memories on the 45th anniversary of the 1973 October War

Are we witnessing the swan song of Mahmoud Abbas

Mohamed Rifaat Al-Imam, Armenians in Egypt (1896-1961), Cairo: Armenian General Benevolent Union, 2002 - Reviewed by Dina Ezzat​

El-Ashiry tells the story of promoting Egypt through the patterns and designs of a nascent fashion project

Egypt’s delegation to the United Nations General Assembly has been busy promoting Cairo’s vision on resolving a host of regional issues

With Armenian week on the horizon, Dina Ezzat profiles three prominent members of the Egyptian-Armenian community

A stop at Alexandria's famous food and beverage stop

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