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Doaa El-Bey examines what Cairo and Addis Ababa said in their letters to the Security Council

More stranded Egyptians were able to return home this week, Doaa El-Bey reports

Egyptians in Kuwait whose visas had expired return home on emergency flights. Al-Ahram Weekly finds out who remains abroad

The ordeal of thousands of Egyptians stranded abroad because of the coronavirus will soon come to an end

Al-Ahram Weekly follows the cautious attempts to bring tripartite negotiations on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam back on track

Efforts continue to return Egyptians stranded the world over because of the coronavirus

In the last two weeks dozens of flights have been operating to return Egyptians from various parts of the globe stranded because of the coronavirus

It looks like Addis Ababa wants to waste time before reaching an agreement on its controversial Renaissance Dam

Egypt’s diplomacy is seeking international support for Cairo’s stand on negotiations over Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam

Doaa El-Bey looks at efforts made by Egyptian diplomacy to assert Egypt’s water rights during the building of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in accordance with international law

A final deal on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is expected to be signed within days. But will it address all points of difference

Mahmoud Al-Maghrabi, Secretary-General of the Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development, talks with Al-Ahram Weekly about efforts to promote African development

Though Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan are scheduled to sign a final agreement on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam later this month, some issues still need to be resolved

During its presidency of the African Union, Egypt highlighted the needs of the continent to the world

The final round of the Washington-sponsored talks on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) ended on Wednesday, Al-Ahram Weekly followed the arduous road of talks

The latest round of talks over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam concluded in Washington last week without a final agreement

The mid-January deadline set by the US has passed with Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan still deadlocked over the GERD

As chair of the African Union, Egypt has spent the past year seeking to push forward a programme of sustainable development

In the US capital, Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia agreed to continue their discussions to reach an agreement regarding their differences over GERD, reports Doaa El-Bey

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