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Doaa El-Bey's Articles
Egypt is drawing up a national strategy for human rights. Ahram Weekly reports on the first draft

Egypt’s first National Housing Strategy was launched in Cairo this week, with a view to guaranteeing everyone the right to adequate and safe housing

Egyptian expatriates began registering on the official voting website this week to take part in the upcoming parliamentary elections

Al-Ahram Weekly reports on efforts to establish Egypt as a regional energy hub, and cooperation to that end between Egypt, Greece and Cyprus

With no agreement over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in sight, should Egypt and Sudan look for other options

What prospects do talks on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam scheduled for 28 August hold?

Arab regional powers support a political solution to the Libyan crisis

When the US emerged as the sole superpower following the collapse of the Soviet Union the unipolar world order did not last for very long

Another round of negotiations over GERD ends without a breakthrough due to Ethiopian intransigence

Reaching a legally binding agreement and avoiding unilateral measures is the only way to resolving the GERD deadlock

Doaa El-Bey reviews the contents of the letter Cairo sent to the UN Security Council

Attempts to salvage negotiations on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam continue

In its attempt to strengthen traditional friendly relations and build new ones, Egypt’s post-June 2013 foreign policy faced a host of challenges

Doaa El-Bey examines what Cairo and Addis Ababa said in their letters to the Security Council

More stranded Egyptians were able to return home this week, Doaa El-Bey reports

Egyptians in Kuwait whose visas had expired return home on emergency flights. Al-Ahram Weekly finds out who remains abroad

The ordeal of thousands of Egyptians stranded abroad because of the coronavirus will soon come to an end

Al-Ahram Weekly follows the cautious attempts to bring tripartite negotiations on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam back on track

Efforts continue to return Egyptians stranded the world over because of the coronavirus

In the last two weeks dozens of flights have been operating to return Egyptians from various parts of the globe stranded because of the coronavirus

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