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Many Egyptians doubt that Hosni Mubarak will appear in court Wednesday for a trial seen as a crucial part of the January 25 revolution

A group of Copts call for protests Thursday in their fight for their “right to life,” i.e. a personal status law which would grant them, like Muslims, the right to divorce, remarry and adults to choose their religion

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Bloggers and activists tweeted their hearts out to raise awareness about Egypt's sexual harassment plague

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Tahrir Square provided an 18-day reprieve during the revolution from the exhausting sexual harassment women usually face but, with it on the rise again, activists call for a region-wide day of blogging on the issue

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In response to the attendance of members of the defunct NDP at a party conference in Mansoura, 31 members leave the Free Egyptians Party

Tonight's eclipse, open to religious, mythological and existential reflections, begins at 8:22pm

The leading international human rights organisation spells out the reforms needed for freedom to flourish in Egypt as it calls on the ruling military council to have 'thicker skin' and reply to criticism rather than silence it

After two days of debate on new democracies and their experiences with democratic transitions in light of recent Arab popular uprisings, the UNDP's Cairo forum drew to a close Monday

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An estimated 7,000 Egyptians remain in military prisons and military trials are still being conducted for average citizens, but the media is afraid to criticise the armed forces

The Brotherhood has released a statement withdrawing their political cover for the MB youth at the Revolution Youth Coalition, in punishment for their participation in Friday's protests

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Marches in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez and a sit-in in Tahrir are among activists' plans for Friday's day of rage

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Army clamps down on dissent ahead of tomorrow's protest in Tahrir Square as four in total have been arrested since yesterday for distributing posters and leaflets

Activists maintain their pressure on Egypt's ruling military council after the release of most of their imprisoned peers, arguing that thousands of civilians still remain in military prisons

Maspero demonstrations resumed as hundreds of Copts returned in rage after hearing that two of the three churches meant to reopen today remained close due to Salafist protest

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Civilians facing military trials are being deprived of their human rights, warned activists

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Sectarian violence in Imbaba yesterday sparks a new round of protests in downtown Cairo by Copts who say they are both fearful and angry

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If popular in the United States, the killing of Osama Bin Laden by US forces in Pakistan has not down well everywhere, with some protesting in Cairo

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Islamists threaten to protest in front of a Coptic cathedral over Camilia Shehata, who they say converted to Islam but is captive by the church; experts tell Ahram Online they fear violence if she doesn’t appear in public

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Ridding themselves of Egypt's old regime labour union, a new independent labour union details their next steps, including the Labour Day Tahrir celebration on Sunday

The pursuit of happiness is made all the harder in Egypt by pressures and attitudes intertwined with the country's recent and ancient history

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