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In the midst of rising sectarian tensions, some Copts are considering fleeing the country while others opt to ready themselves to fight for social and political equality and emancipation

Committee charged with investigating allegations of foul play on the part of the former regime confirms many of the suspicions rumoured during the revolution

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Copts attend their first Mass in Two Martyrs’ Church in Soul village, which was burned in a sectarian attack last month

After four days of heated public debate, protesters take down barricades and barbed wire to allow traffic and life in Tahrir Square to resume

The verdict in the case of a blogger accused of insulting the army and spreading false information has been delayed until Sunday

Human Rights Watch sees the detention of a blogger for criticising the military as a ‘dangerous precedent’ and calls for his release

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Activists protest the planned trial of blogger Maikel Nabil before of a military court, arguing the trial breaches human rights

The long awaited new appointments to leading positions in the reviled state TV and radio were found sorely lacking by staff members who say they smack of the old regime, leading them to maintain their protests

After giving the military time to meet the demands of the 25 January Revolution, Youth Coalition members say it is time now to return to the streets

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Hamdeen Sabahi announces his bid for president as an independent candidate, despite being head of the Karama Socialist Party, and lays out his three platform priorities

Three organizations involved in monitoring the recent referendum on the constitution have cited concerns about some elements of the process

The revolution and its aftermath have prompted many Copts to get involved in political action, from holding protests to making their voices heard at the ballot box

Election monitoring groups, deploying hundreds of volunteers, were elated at the unprecedented turnout, noted a few flaws in the voting, and slammed religious incitment by Brotherhood and Salafists

While most Coptic protesters agreed to end their 9-day long sit-in in downtown Cairo, those who insisted on maintaining the protest were violently evacuated

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A women's march organized by activists is disrupted by violent thugs

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Million man march today in Tahrir on Int'l Women's Day to protest women being left out of Egyptian constitutional reform committee meetings

Protesters call for a civilian government before joining the women's march in Tahrir today

State security investigations headquarters in Lazoughly the scene of renewed army aggression towards protesters maintaining the pressure after Saturday's demonstration at the Medinet Nasr HQ, where files were salvaged

Protesters who occupied the state security headquarters in Nasr City report a treasure trove of information on public figures and piles of shredded documents

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With a rash of state security buildings going up in flames, hundreds of protesters in 6th of October governorate call on the army to take over remaining state security headquarters

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