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The preliminary approval comes after the parliamentary majority 'Support Egypt' coalition officially submitted two draft bills on the formation and election of the Senate and three other draft laws

The discussion comes amid strict measures against the pandemic and following the hospitalisation of nine MPs for contracting the coronavirus

MPs express reservations over government-drafted amendments to the public enterprise law

Despite the surge in coronavirus infections government officials are set to reopen the economy

Four MPs are being quarantined in private hospitals after suffering breathing problems

The IPU said Egypt's parliament's was one of few in the Arab world which was very active in helping the state contain the coronvirus

Parliament approved two laws aimed at regulating the banking and public enterprise sectors ahead of its Eid recess

The government decided to extend the suspension for two years as an incentive for farmers and farming businesses to boost agricultural production

A foreign bank should have a capital of $150 million, submit a feasibility study and accept CBE supervision

Parliament will hold meetings on Sunday and Monday to discuss a new batch of economic and financial laws

The government plans to reopen the economy after Ramadan despite the mounting number of coronavirus infections and deaths

Parliament is expected to pass a new law aimed at reinforcing the independence of the Central Bank of Egypt next week

The government took MPs by surprise this week when it submitted a law aiming to impose “fees” on a number of goods and activities

A three-month extension of emergency measures is approved against the backdrop of the ongoing war against terrorism, and the unfolding of the coronavirus pandemic, Gamal Essam El-Din reports

A report said the new 'development fee' is necessary to help mitigate the enormous cost of the coronavirus pandemic on the national economy.

MPs said the extension is a necessity to stand up to new security and health challenges facing Egypt at the moment

The prime minister told MPs that the government is extending the state of emergency as a necessary tool to stand up to threats targeting the security of Egypt

Finance Minister Maait told MPs the objective of the law is to help contain the disastrous impact of the coronavirus on Egypt’s national economy

Egypt's prime minister will address parliament on Sunday on the president's decision to extend the state of emergency for three months

Parliament’s next plenary session, due on Sunday, will see MPs discuss a raft of new legislation

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