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Khalil issued the statement days after officials at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights held a meeting with a number of Western European ambassadors serving in Egypt

Moves to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation make ground in Europe

The pro-regime party wins a large majority in the new parliament, reports Gamal Essam El-Din

The coalition has secured an easy win of 284 seats reserved to four-party list districts, thus getting half of parliament's seats.

How will the election of Joe Biden as US president impact Egypt?

A large number of sitting MPs failed to retain their seats in the second stage of parliamentary elections

Semi-official figures show that Mansour lost his seat in parliament after coming third in Meit Ghamr district's election.

The head of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Egyptian parliament, Karim Darwish, said relations between Egypt and the US should be based on mutual respect and building constructive cooperation in all fields

Voting in the second stage of parliamentary elections kicked off this week with the Mostaqbal Watan Party expected to once again sweep the polls

The new amendments aim to fight tax evasion

The state of emergency has been extended since 2017 on the grounds of fighting terrorism and safeguarding national security against foreign threats

The first stage of parliamentary elections was held for Egyptians abroad on 21, 22 and 23 October, and inside Egypt on 24 and 25 October

Al-Ahram Weekly reports on the many businessmen seeking to become MPs

The first round of parliamentary elections concluded this week, and all the signs are Mostaqbal Watan and its allies have come out on top

Preliminary figures show that the Mostaqbal Watan-led National Unified Coalition has won the two party list districts of Upper Egypt and the Western Delta

Semi-official figures show that Abul-Enein won more than 125,000 votes

After electing a speaker and two deputies in an inaugural meeting 18 October, Egypt's newly-elected Senate began Sunday drafting its internal bylaws

The polls will be supervised by 11,000 judges, and local and foreign media, human rights organisations and candidate representatives will be free to monitor the elections

The two speakers hope the newly-elected Senate will be a positive contribution to Egypt's political life

After electing a speaker and two deputies the new Senate will begin drafting its internal bylaws

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