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Bahaa Eldeen Abou Shoqa, former leader of the Wafd Party, as well as Phoebe Fawzy, a member of the Republican People's Party, were elected as deputies to the speaker

The meeting will be headed by Galal Haridi, 91, a co-founder of the Guardians of the Nation Party, in his capacity as the Senate's most senior member

The release of Hillary Clinton’s private e-mails lays bare the Obama administration’s relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar

The majority Mostaqbal Watan Party will face fierce competition in the two-stage parliamentary election

Around 2,000 candidates stand in the first stage in 14 governorates

Two weeks before the first polls open, political parties are staking out the battleground in the House of Representatives election

The ferocious media campaign against Egypt, led by the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, is falling on deaf ears

Campaigning for the first stage of the parliamentary elections will also kick off Monday

The government referred seven presidential decrees on foreign agreements to the House

The meeting will represent the opening of a sixth legislative season

Hopes are growing that the forthcoming parliamentary elections will be fair and fierce

Fifty years after his death, Gamal Abdel-Nasser is still seen as the Arab world’s leading advocate of social justice, Arab nationalism, and political independence

The list, submitted to the National Election Authority, includes a large number of current MPs

Saturday is the final day for candidate registration for the House of Representatives election.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s latest attempt to incite protests failed miserably

The first meeting will be held to elect a chairman and two deputies

Two rival camps within Al-Wafd Party have issued conflicting statements on participating in the parliamentary elections

A total of 200 Senators are getting their membership cards Sunday and Monday

The decision came after the party's senior leaders unanimously approved joining the National Unified List led by the pro-government Mostaqbal Watan Party

Is there a collective noun for coalitions? Ahead of the House of Representatives elections there should be

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