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Minister of Finance Mohamed Maeet thanked parliament for the support it gave to the governments economic reform programme, which has "saved Egypt from the fate of Lebanon"

Workers and their representatives in parliament have taken a united stand against government-drafted amendments to the public enterprise law, reports Gamal Essam El-Din

The anti-money laundering law, passed in 2002, will be amended to target terrorist activities funded through money laundering

Following the death of Hosni Mubarak speculation has reignited over the extent of his family’s wealth

American diplomat Kari Paetzold praised Egypt for allowing 'citizens to exercise their religious rituals in freedom and peace'

The deputy speaker of Egypt’s parliament was critical of Ethiopia after its officials did not attend the latest trilateral talks on the mega-dam

The law, passed in 2002, is being updated to target terrorist activities that are funded by money laundering

The discussion also tackled economic and political issues of mutual interest

MPs conditionally approve a legislative amendment stripping prisoners convicted of organising illegal assemblies of eligibility for early release

Officials said the Suez Canal has not been negatively affected by the Corona Virus, even though 13 percent of China's foreign trade passes through the canal

Gamal and Alaa, the two sons of former president Hosni Mubarak were this week acquitted of corruption charges, reports Gamal Essam El-Din

Five of the laws were approved in principle in the last few days, but a final vote was postponed pending revision by the State Council

The minister of military production told MPs that the first electric bus will be produced in Egypt next November

The law bans conditional release for prisoners convicted of organising illegal gatherings, terrorism, drug trafficking and money laundering

One of the amendments bans conditional release for prisoners convicted of organising illegal gatherings, drug trafficking and money laundering

Parliamentary elections are dominating debate in political circles

The European Parliament’s statement on detained activist Patrick George Zaki has been condemned in Egypt’s parliamentary and judicial circles, reports Gamal Essam El-Din

The former MP, Mohamed Dessouqi, died of a heart attack last year

Egypt's prosecutor-general said in a statement that activist Patrick Zaki faces accusations of spreading incorrect and flawed statements that can disrupt Egypt's internal social peace and security

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