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Three heavyweight officials of ousted President Hosni Mubarak face hard times ahead amid an avalanche of corruption accusations

As part of the former ruling party's strategy to cut its links with its notorious heritage, it has removed Hosni Mubarak from his post as chairman while other corrupt former officials wriggle on the hook of justice

Egypt's traditional opposition finds itself sinking in the sands of change as the regime crumbles and the younger generations find their voice

The army's fifth communique put an end to the shortest-serving parliament since 1957

Before adjourning its sessions Sunday morning, Parliament emphasized that Mubarak will remain Egypt’s legitimately elected president until next September

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The revolution has left the ruling NDP in complete disarray as it struggles to react to the shifting political ground in Egypt

Egypt’s ruling party, the NDP, has accused outlawed groups of riding the wave of youth protests and disseminating false rumours about the party's leaders.

Egypt's Shura Council makes surprising series of changes to key national newspaper posts

The Shura Council’s Media Committee has sharply criticised the independent weekly Sawt Al-Umma, accusing it of sectarian incitement

MPs accuse the EU of using the Twin Saints Church attack as an opportunity to spread lies about Egypt while the Egyptian government, Israel and hardline Islamists aren't spared either

The terrorist attack on the Two Saints Church brought the government under immense pressure to issue a new law regulating the construction of worship places in Egypt

Amendment sees the leftist Tagammu party able to field a candidate in this year's presidential election

Egypt's Shura Council urges the government to impose tougher penalties on terrorist acts and called upon Muslim clerics and Christian priests to refrain from exchanging blame

In a session of Parliament debating the terrorist attack on a church in Alexandria, members of parliament urged Copts not to be provoked by the heinous attack

Shark attacks off Sharm El-Sheikh triggered heated debate in Parliament today and had MPs railing against both the government and the world at large

Minister of Health Hatem El-Gabaly denied today that the government aims to privatise public hospitals

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Ahmed Ezz, the NDP's business tycoon and secretary for organisational affairs, launched a scathing attack against both the Muslim Brotherhood and Wafd Party

The ruling NDP's seventh annual conference will focus on economic issues, with Gamal Mubarak slated to be the event's big star

Most of the leading positions of parliamentary committees went to the ruling NDP's business tycoons

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