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The Ethiopian premier’s recent visit to Khartoum focused on negotiating a democratic and consensual transitional period for troubled Sudan

Civil wars and the failing call for a general strike add to the rifts within the ranks of Sudan’s Alliance of Freedom and Change, threatening the unity of the opposition bloc

While it has not been decided whether Sudan’s sovereign council will be headed by a civilian or a military figure, the division of seats on the council remains the main point of contention between the two camps

Oil tankers and other commercial vessels were sabotaged in the Gulf this week as tensions continue to hang over the region

Violence and accusations hit Sudan’s capital as negotiations between the transitional military command and protesters continue to be bogged down on key details

In the midst of cracks threatening to break opposition ranks, Sudan’s military proposes a two-council formula

The composition of a new civilian-military presidential council chaired by Abdel-Fattah Burhan has yet to be agreed in Khartoum

Al-Ahram Weekly analyses Sudan’s latest events and their historical background

Amid international pressure to hand over Al-Bashir, discord is growing among Sudan’s opposition forces, albeit united on the need for civilian government

The search for an alternative to Omar Al-Bashir has begun, though the stance of the high brass of the army remains an obstacle to a political transition

Diversified alliances, economic gains and enhanced political capital lie behind the Saudi crown prince’s three-legged Asia tour

No “qualified team” can defuse the ticking bomb that is Sudan. Not after Omar Al-Bashir declared a one-year state of emergency

Whatever the result of the rescheduled presidential elections, Nigeria’s next ruler will be overburdened by a host of crises

China is by far the strongest player in Africa

Haitham Nouri examines six decades of Egyptian-African relations

Boko Haram intensifies its attacks hoping to disrupt Nigeria’s presidential elections scheduled for 16 February

Religious tolerance, not politics, featured high on Pope Francis’ agenda during his first visit to the UAE to attend an interfaith meeting, reports Haitham Nouri

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