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Israel has several reasons to launch yet another aggression on Lebanon; Tel Aviv is simply waiting for the time and the pretext

Are we on the threshold of a new stage of globalisation, and if so will it meet the demands of developing countries?

The withdrawal of seven Arab countries from the recent Arab-African Summit in Malabo furnished more proof that burying one's head in the sand is not an effective strategy in international relations

As much as the US presidential elections was about the future of America, it was also an evaluation of Obama's legacy

With cyberwar and online privacy invasion becoming the norm, it's time for a global dialogue to redefine 'sovereignty'

Will Trump victory in the US presidential elections lessen Washington's engagement in global issues related to global security?

The corruption revealed in wheat collecting is not the first and will not be the last case. Without effective monitoring and a strict legal system, any attempt to combat corruption will flounder

The Arab League must be revamped and restructured, according to Secretary General Ahmed Abul Gheit, but there is a lack of will among Arab states to do so

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Short-term and long-term measures must be taken to curb the phenomenon of cheating in Thanaweya Amma exams

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Dialogue and open discussion is the only way to resolve the dilemma of finding balance between human rights and security. And this is the responsibility of the government, parliament as well as human rights organisations

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Those who say there is hostility between the regime and the youth are wrong. Nor is the youth united against the regime. Sensible voices know great changes took place, amid limited resources

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Saving Syria, and thereby preventing a wider regional disaster, now depends, whether we like it or not, on engaging the Syrian regime no matter its deplorable record

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Egypt is committed to fighting terrorism, at home and abroad, within a comprehensive framework

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The Mubarak trial is a criminal trial, in the first place. It is not a trial to judge what happened on 25 January 2011 or conclude whether it was a revolution or conspiracy

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The contradiction between words and deeds of some who claim devout faith is a threat to Islam as well as to Muslims

Whether ISIL is solely or partially on the sacking of major Iraqi cities such as Mosul, Tikrit and others, we are facing a critical development, perhaps the most serious since the fall of Baghdad to the US in 2003

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The twin and yet opposed notions that El-Sisi suffered electorally by refusing to acede to NDP demands, or that the people boycotted the elections because they await the return of Morsi, are empty urban myths

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Egypt's media, which is supposed to create constructive public opinion, can also push the country into retardation unless it reviews its performance and conduct over the past four years

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Can Egypt draft a law that gives police enough power while still not trampling on citizens' rights and freedoms?

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Western governments are fast to criticise Egypt's interim authorities, and no wonder: they, like the terrorists Egypt faces, want chaos to prevail

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