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A year has passed since Sheikh Emad Effat was killed at the clashes outside the cabinet offices. While his wisdom still inspires, his murderers have not been brought to justice

Accepting either the constitutional declaration or the draft constitution would be a setback for the revolution and obstacle to democracy

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Events are evidence that waiting for change is more costly than fighting for change, and that fleeing from confrontations to avoid strife only results in more bloodshed

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Egypt's constitution keeps the country's authoritarian foundations intact, focusing on regulating relations between state institutions, rather than restructuring relations between the state and the people

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Discussion of the structure of the state, its functions, parameters and relation to society, should precede debate on the role of Sharia in the constitution, for the extent of the latter depends on the former

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Egypt's new rulers have abandoned their Islamist political project for change under the pretext of the realities of governance

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Recent incidents show that equality, one of the values of the revolution, is not prevailing in post-Mubarak Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood kowtowing to the country's big shots

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If Egypt's new Islamist rulers advocate independence and unity while preserving the old structures of privilege they are doomed to fail like their predecessors

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The state's continuing disregard of the demands of strikers reflect its prejudice towards the interests of the wealthy at the expense of the working classes

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Standing up to Israeli brutality in Gaza is only possible if Egypt liberates its willpower from the "moderate axis," which also means defending the role of state development against Western financial institutions

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The Mubarak regime created a system whereby businessmen decided public policy. The new regime has not freed itself from this bias that created the social injustice that led to revolution

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Egypt needs transitional justice - not just the replacement of key individuals, but deeper structural reform and accountability for past wrongs

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Making speeches about love can help President Morsi gain the people's sympathy, but he really should be focusing on gaining their trust by enacting sound policies

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Recent proposals to amend Article 2 of Egypt's constitution – giving Al-Azhar the final say in defining Islamic Law – has rekindled debate over the venerable Al-Azhar's role vis-à-vis state and society

It is imperative popular political forces gather around Egypt's new president, and that consensus building is honored on all sides, to continue isolating the counter-revolution represented by the remnants of the former regime

Revolutionary groups have lost out in Egypt's post-Mubarak elections due to a lack of organisation, but too many lives have been lost for them to give up the battle

Voters were asked three questions on Election Day - about the country's future, about revolutionary legitimacy, and about the thorny issue of Egypt's identity

Elections alone will not secure the Egyptian revolution; protest has its place too

Mediocrity takes lessons from others, while the real work of securing the revolution is to think out a programme for the Egyptian people

Blocked from everything but oblique criticism for decades, Egypt's current political elite is incapable of formulating a practical agenda for moving the country forward, hence the impasse

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