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Four years on from Arab Spring protests in Morocco, authorities continue to clampdown on rights groups, with almost no demands of 2011 met

Ahram Online speaks to Kalthoum Kannou, a female judge who came 11th in the first round of Tunisia's elections in November

Many Tunisians have shown their dissatisfaction with both candidates in Sunday's presidential runoff

Four years later, the cradle of the Tunisian revolution is still suffering frustration and dismay

First-round winner Beji Caid Essebsi seems set to win the second round of Tunisia’s first free-and-fair presidential elections, writes Karem Yahya in Tunis

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First-round presidential elections winner Beji Caid Essebsi explained his views on the future of Tunisia to Karem Yahya in Tunis

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Ahram Online sits down with political expert Sami Ibrahim to gain a sense for past and future of Salafism in Tunisia

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Tunisia's upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections could show how to limit Islamists' influence via a free democratic system

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Recently published congratulatory ads, which pay tribute to the newly elected president, are forms of blandishment that are not conducive to aspired for democratic and institutional values

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Textiles and clothing from Egypt was traded by the French and found their way to the Americas from the 18th century

Heshan Geneina, who chose cautious silence during the judiciary crisis under Mubarak, has opened up and wants to fight corruption to the end

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The crisis for Egypt's doctors is reaching a critical point, with the government refusing to listen and other forces playing politics in the doctors' own union

The opportunities for riches created by the Camp David Accords were not missed by Hussein Salem and the coterie of powerful and convenient friends he cultivated in government and the military, reaching right to the very top

Free of the restrictions of the police state, farmers in rural Egypt break new ground by forming official Egyptian farmers' union

By questioning the group’s conservative and secretive nature, the youth branch of the Brotherhood are bringing the revolution to bear on the political scene in Egypt

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