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Yesterday marked the 65th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, the violent usurpation and occupation of Palestine by Zionist Jewish settlers coming from around the world

Hassan Nasrallah’s recent admission that his militiamen are fighting alongside the regime of Bashar El-Assad confirms for many his betrayal of the Arab cause for sectarian interests

The Boston Marathon bombings ought to be denounced in the strongest terms, as no cause justifies murdering innocent people; not a single Palestinian family has been spared from the pain caused by acts of terror

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The Arab left, with its two wings — Marxist-Leninist and the pan-Arab nationalist — seems to have found an unorthodox ally in Tehran, especially since the onset of the Arab Spring

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Egypt's opposition leaders hate the Muslim Brotherhood more than they love Egypt, a situation dangerous for all Egyptians

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Until Iran abandons, or at least significantly mitigates its parochial sectarian approach to the predominantly Sunni Muslim region, prospects for a dramatic breakthrough in Egyptian-Iranian relations will remain modest at best

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With the exception of Qatar, oil-rich Arab states are watching rather indifferently as 90 million Egyptians reel under a harsh, unprecedented economic and financial crisis

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The new Israeli government, to be elected later this month, with continuing settlement policies, is likely to put an end to the remaining chances for a two-state solution

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The Egyptian opposition has acquired an image of being anti-Islam. It must correct this image before taking part in upcoming parliamentary elections

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Given that Gaza is Egypt's first line of defence against Israeli aggression, it should be a priority for President Morsi

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Just as American libertarians insist that no other value should be more paramount than freedom of speech, Americans should understand that other peoples have equally paramount values

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Israel's recurrent massacres of Palestinians are largely made possible because no one in power has the courage to challenge Zionist lies

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Attempts to draw a comparison between the voluntary emigration of Jews from the Arab world after 1948 and the forced expulsion of Palestinians in the Nakba is ludicrous and doomed to failure

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Iran and other Shiite entities in the Arab world support Bashar Al-Assad’s genocidal regime because of their sectarian hatred for Sunni Muslims

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Hamas thought the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood's accession to power would create a dramatic transformation in Gaza, however, they have discovered their Brothers in Cairo have different priorities

On 18th anniversary of Ibrahimi Mosque massacre, Jewish settlers - backed by Israeli political/security establishment - are still striving to make lives of Hebron's Palestinians a living hell

Khadr Adnan's agonising ordeal, which lasted for 66 days and could have ended with his death, seems to have succeeded in drawing attention to Israel's use of arbitrary detention

Israeli settlement expansion continued to annul any chances of peace, while the 2011 Arab Spring buoyed Palestinian hopes, at least for a while

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Egypt must respond resolutely to Israel's unjust killing of five of its border police, in order to show that post-revolutionary Egypt is different than under Mubarak

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President in crisis Karolos Papoulias' promotion of trade and cultural exchange with Israel ignores the Palestinian struggle as the Free Gaza flotilla remains docked in Greece

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