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Do we live in the era of Solomon-esque wisdom, or something darker?

Regional security cannot be achieved when one party in the region possesses tools that the other parties are denied

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The war against corruption in Egypt is not a swift one, but rather a long and bitter one. As things stand, the likely outcome of upcoming parliamentary elections may set this war back

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Observing developments in the Middle East, some Latin American countries, and Greece confirms we are living in an era of major transformations in the global order

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Forces behind 25 January and 30 June should protect the present regime, rather than leave the scene open to international and regional agents to play with Egypt’s fate

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Do we have the luxury of spending more than $45 billion on a new city?

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When national security is at stake, all must pull together in a common direction, not only in support of Egypt’s soldiers on the battlefield, but in support of national unity and development, upon which any victory is built

Football used to be a sport in Egypt run by the generals, like a military operation. Perhaps that explains past glories, and present disputes

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Egypt's coming parliament will bear a heavy responsibility, above all in being a role model of political life. Thus we should ensure the conditions of its success now, including the law governing its election

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Effectiveness in combating terrorism depends as much on soft confrontation, blocking the sources of growth and sympathy for terrorist groups, as on hard confrontation by force of arms

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