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After scaling the world's highest peaks to complete the Adventurer's Grand Slam, Omar Samra is now to join 21 others on a private spaceship

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Egypt's ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi could be sentenced to life in prison or even death on Tuesday, in the first of four major cases against him

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After visiting with mourning military academy students in Cairo, El-Sisi cheers on Cairenes in a running marathon

Samra is in Norway, hoping to ski to the northern most point on earth

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Pilgrims heading to Jerusalem from Cairo during Holy Week increased during 2015, sparking renewed debate on the stance of the Coptic Church in continuing to prohibit travel to occupied Palestine

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New visa procedures will not apply to tourists visiting in groups, confirms a foreign ministry spokesperson

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El-Sisi opens Sharm conference for development; four Gulf countries pledge $12.5 billion in aid to Cairo; international leaders declare support for Egypt in war against terrorism

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The most significant change in the cabinet reshuffle is the new minister of interior Magdy Abdel Ghafer, who served as head of the National Security Apparatus after the January 2011 uprising

Monday sees first arrival of Egyptians fleeing unrest in Libya via Algeria

In response to beheading of Egyptians at hands of IS militants, official says about 12,000 Egyptians returned through the Salloum border crossing

Minya bishop tells Ahram Online that 13 of 20 Egyptian Christians slaughtered in Libya by the Islamic State came from the same village

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In Al-Our village, families, mourners and officials attend funeral ceremony for 21 Copts decapitated by Islamic State militants

Wife of detained Egyptian journalist Baher Mohamed also says she has no intention to resort to protest action

Metro station in Tahrir Square will reopen 'soon' according to the head of Cairo's transport police

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Attacks continue in the Sinai peninsula while the death toll of Thursday's deadly coordinated bombings is still unconfirmed

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At Saturday's Koshary Festival a team of cooks will aim to set the record for the world's largest plate of koshary

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Ahram Online presents a run-down in numbers of key components, political and economic, of Egypt's year 2014

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Head of state radio channel was suspended after she denounced Saturday's acquittal of former president Hosni Mubarak

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TV anchor Mahmoud Saad is prevented from going on-air after a guest on his regular show refers to the 1967 defeat of the army

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Limited protests at six public universities to denounce private security firms on campus, latest round-up of alleged anti-government students

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