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Mohamed Soliman's Articles

The initiative aims to prepare ‘a second defence line of qualified doctors’ to support the health sector and the state in their fight against the virus

Egypt's Ministry of Manpower stressed that the health of the four Egyptian labourers is stable

The organisation said it will continue to work with Egypt to enhance coronavirus infection prevention at all levels

The two-week-long curfew is in effect from 7pm to 6 am as part of stricter measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus in Egypt

Endowment Minister Mohamed Mohkhtar Gomaa also allocated EGP 50 million to support the vulnerable, especially those with irregular employment who have lost their jobs during the current conditions.

The president directed the government to support the neediest in the country and those with irregular employment

Mohamed Soliman sounds out experts on the government’s response to storms and the coronavirus

The country is experiencing 'unprecedented heavy rainfall' and the cabinet has asked citizens to remain home

French transport operator RATP Group will operate and maintain the third line

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