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The short stories were found last month by Naguib Mahfouz's daughter and culture journalist Mohamed Shoair while researching Mahfouz's archives in his home in Dokki, Cairo

The City Always wins was published in 2017 in English and is set during the 25 January revolution

Egyptian French Marxist thinker Samir Amin, was one of the most prominent economists in the world

Ten key academic and historical texts on the 26 July Revolution and Gamal Abdel-Nasser

The documents published by the Egyptian national archives include King Farouk I's abdication letter and a decree announcing Mohamed Naguib as the first President of the Egyptian Republic

The Supreme Council for Culture who convened for the annual vote are some of Egypt's most celebrated writers, artists and thinkers, along with heads of the country's highest cultural and educational institutions

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the founder of communism, here are 10 books in Arabic on the man and his thought

Hefny was one of the most influential psychologists in Egypt and the wider Arab world

Nasrallah is set to receive the $50,000 award for his dystopian novel exploring the depths of human depravity

Gibran's tolerance for the Other is much needed today, according to American interfaith advocate Paul Gordon Chandler

Ahmed Khaled Tawfik was more than a fiction writer, he was a phenomenon who showed a generation of young readers a whole new world

Tawfik, who was best known for his pocket series Ma Wara Al-Tabia (Metaphysics), died of a heart attack on Monday

The list also includes former winners South Korean Han Kang and the Hungarian László Krasznahorka

Ramzy Ezzeldin Ramzy said there is no military solution for Syria's conflict and warned that stalling peace talks risks reviving ISIS

The author's new book tracks the life and struggles of Mary Ely Rosenthal

Mohamed Salmawy will sign his newly released memoirs on Wednesday, 28 February at Egypt's Public Library in Giza

This year's shortlist includes two debut novelists, one Saudi and one Iraqi

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