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Shousha won the Nile Award for Literature in 2016

The announcement of an Arabic edition of the magazine comes amid growing Chinese interest in the Arab world, both politically and culturally

A new project aims to collect and obtain the documents of the leaders of the Egyptian left

Ahram Online presents live coverage of Egypt's highest state honours as voting at the Supreme Council of Culture takes place

Internationally acclaimed French economist Thomas Piketty advocates for a progressive wealth tax, including in the Middle East where inequality is predominant

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Naji was sentenced to two years in jail last February for 'violating public decency' and 'using erotic language' in his latest novel

Rabai al-Madhoun is Palestinian-born but now British citizen who lives and works in London as an editor for Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper

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El-Aswany's novel was released on Wednesday in Hebrew without the author's permission, according to the writer's Twitter page

Mabrouk left an impression on his students, who knew him as an unconventional professor who urged students to think critically

Tarabichi is best known for his five-volume book entitled ‘Critiquing the Critique of the Arab Reason’

Al-Any was kidnapped with his son in early in 2016 by ISIS militants and taken to an unknown place after refusing to leave his city

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Lebanese thinker George Corm, who spoke at Cairo International Book Fair, criticised the attribution of a religious tint to Arabic thought

The names of the shortlisted authors were revealed this morning in a press conference in Muscat and included one Egyptian writer, two Palestinians, one Syrian, one Lebanese, and a Moroccan novelist

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