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Once again the Palestinian people, especially their valiant sons and daughters, have accomplished astonishing deeds in the Gaza Strip

Millions of Palestinians are denied freedom of movement within the occupied territories and outside travel

The PLO's Central Council recent meeting was held at one of the most dangerous phases that the Palestinian issue is going through

It was legitimate to be outraged when some Arab officials issued statements speaking of normalisation with Israel while Netanyahu was celebrating the impulsive US president’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

America's so-called 'Deal of the Century' apparently seeks to exclude Jerusalem from a future Palestinian state. However, any such efforts are based on illusions and will ultimately fail

Netanyahu bragged before the Knesset during its celebration of the Balfour Declaration, claiming the Zionist movement triumphed. This is far from true

Prime Minister Theresa May says she is 'proud' of Britain's role in creating Israel. However, History will show that the Balfour Declaration was a crime against the Palestinian people

Now that the Palestinians have taken the first step toward reconciliation, they need to look into the strategic objectives to end division and achieve sound reconciliation

World governments know about Israeli crimes. But it seems they fear Israel, or deem it untouchable. Hence the world's people must speak out

Last month, Jerusalem and its surroundings presented an effective model of Palestinian popular resistance that should be generalised

Gazans are suffering power outages, lack of water, and escalating pollution

Not only has Israel usurped 87% of the Palestinian water but deprived them from their right to pray in Al-Aqsa Mosque as well

Jerusalem has always managed to expel any invaders and preserve its character. Likewise, one day, it will end the Israeli occupation

Fifty years ago, our fathers' and mothers' generation engraved the feat of steadfastness on the land. Can our generation today engrave the feat of unity, in order to gain freedom?

When Israel and its apologists try to shift the ground for negotiations and extract concessions, they forget it is the Palestinian people that has the first and last say on a just peace

Israeli usurpation of land and water have helped create a major economic crisis, which is driving Palestinians into debt

The hunger strike of valiant Palestinian captives in occupation prisons has sparked the flames of popular resistance in all parts of Palestine

The ongoing hunger strike of over 1,000 Palestinian captives is one of the strongest weapons they hold in the face of Israeli oppression

Nearly three decades after the global capitalist system was declared victorious, the same system is facing crises on multiple fronts: in economics, democracy, ethics and the rise of racist populism.

The best way to confront Israeli attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause is to restore national unity

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