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Nearly three decades after the global capitalist system was declared victorious, the same system is facing crises on multiple fronts: in economics, democracy, ethics and the rise of racist populism.

The best way to confront Israeli attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause is to restore national unity

Israel’s behaviour in passing a law legalising theft and looting is similar to that of the criminal in Dostoyevsky’s famous novel Crime and Punishment

The Obama administration has finally found the courage to hurl bitter truths at Netanyahu’s government, though for Palestinians it's too little, too late

Arab and Islamic states should react strongly to any attempts to transfer the US embassy to Jerusalem

World leaders rushed to pay tribute to Shimon Peres. But no one said a word about his war crimes or the coup de grace of Oslo that only deepened the occupation and the dispossession of the Palestinians

Responsibility for struggling against the system of Israeli administrative detention cannot only be pushed on the shoulders of captives. All Palestinians must stand up and struggle to abolish the practice

Israel's regime of racial discrimination touches every aspect of Palestinian lives, including — and especially — such simple fundamentals as access to water

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The Israeli attempt to isolate Jerusalem from its surroundings will never succeed

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