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French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Egypt this week saw the signing of many economic agreements between the two countries

Addressing the population problem in Egypt requires an institutional framework that can implement and follow up on objectives

Egypt’s real-estate market is seeing robust demand and extensive investment but is suffering from weak purchasing power among consumers

The zero tariffs will also be applied on some Korean and Japanese cars produced in European Union countries

Egypt’s business climate improved throughout the year despite being hampered by high interest rates

Parliament has agreed on amendments to laws toughening penalties on monopolistic practices in a bid to curb increases in the prices of basic goods

Higher-quality produce is necessary if Egypt is to realise its aim of expanding agricultural exports

While Egypt’s economic reform efforts are bearing fruit, vigilance is necessary to guard against a rise in inflation and public debt, experts warned this week

Egypt is just months away from eliminating import tariffs on European cars, though this will not necessarily mean cheaper cars for Egyptian consumers

The World Bank’s Human Capital Index shows Egypt’s low productivity levels as being largely due to the country’s education system

Egypt needs to kick-start private-sector growth to keep to its economic targets, according to a recent World Bank report

The Suez Canal has achieved record revenues since the inauguration of the New Canal three years ago, according to Chairman Mamish

Remittances from Egyptians living abroad rose significantly over the last fiscal year

The government has raised natural gas prices for home and commercial use in the latest in a string of measures aimed at reforming the economy

The government has set out an ambitious strategy to grow Egypt’s small and medium-sized enterprises, but its success will depend on implementation

Egypt is pinning high hopes on its natural gas production to cover domestic demand and help it become a regional energy hub

The latest round of fuel and electricity subsidy cuts will increase production costs for most businesses, with the increases being passed on to consumers

Egypt’s economic reform programme and macroeconomic indicators are well on track, but inflationary pressures and rising oil prices could pose a threat to economic restructuring

The government's recent decision to mandate an increase in local components' requirement for car manufacturing in Egypt aims at enhancing the country’s automobile industry

Egypt’s economic reform programme is heading in the right direction, according to the IMF, with the economy making leaps and bounds over the last year and a half

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