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The artefacts had been stolen from illegal excavation sites in Egypt

Oriental music, Sufi chanting, folk dancing, handicraft workshops as well as exhibitions, plays and concerts are among some of the cultural events to expect in the holy month of Ramadan

The find includes a document that dates back to the 16th century

Material found so far at the site testifies to the high status of its General Iwrkhy and his family

The centre will hold lectures, workshops and events to raise awareness about Egyptian heritage

The result of a third radar survey show conclusively that there are no hidden chambers in the tomb

The sixth and last chariot of King Tutankhamun is one of the prized artefacts from the Tutankhamun collection now housed at the GEM

The fourth International Tutankhamun GEM Conference was inaugurated today, with a focus on final preparations for displaying the Tutankhamun collection at the Grand Egyptian Museum

Jean-Yves Le Drian and his wife toured the construction site, conservation area, panorama and atrium on Sunday evening as part of the minister's official visit to Cairo

The fire at the GEM construction site was quickly brought under control, with no casualties and no damage to the museum buildings

Egyptian archaeologists made the surprise discoveries recently at the temples of Karnak and Kom Ombo

The ministry has denied as unfounded reports that it would remove 55 pulpits from mosques in Egypt

The colossus of Ramses II was unveiled at Luxor Temple as part of Ministry of Antiquities celebrations of the World Heritage Day

The southern axis of Karnak, which links it to the Avenue of Sphinxes, is also set to open for the first time

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