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This year’s celebration of the solar alignment phenomenon at the Temples of Abu Simbel in Upper Egypt has been taking place on a virtual basis

King Seqenenre-Taa-II was killed while fighting Egypt’s invaders and his embalmers had skillfully concealed some head wounds

The world’s oldest industrial-scale brewery may have been uncovered at Abydos in Upper Egypt

The brewery consists of at least eight large semi-subterranean installations and was built on the edge of the desert in Abydos at the dawn of ancient Egyptian history

The campaign, with a long list of stops, started in the Upper Egypt Aswan governorate

The Rokaya Doudou sabil kuttab in the Souq Al-Selah area of Islamic Cairo has been successfully restored

A mummy with a golden tongue was found at the Taposiris Magna Temple in Alexandria this week

A collection of 5,000 artefacts that had been illegally smuggled out of the country has arrived safely back in Egypt from the US

The collection includes coffins, mummies, funerary masks, heads of stone statues, and papyri with hieroglyphic, Coptic and Arabic text

The Isis Temple in Aswan has reopened to the public after the completion of restoration work and the development of tourism services

Spectacular new discoveries at the Saqqara Necropolis outside Cairo this week have revealed more of its secrets and rewritten much of its history

Egypt’s tourism sector is receiving a helping hand from international organisations

To encourage domestic tourism in Egypt, an initiative which includes discounts on flights and hotels has started

An Egyptian excavation mission has uncovered the remains of a Roman fort, an early Coptic church, and a Ptolemaic temple during excavation work carried out at Shiha Fort in Upper Egypt's Aswan.

Three dozen ram-headed sphinxes and the tomb of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses I have been opened to visitors after restoration

The first stop on Egypt’s Holy Family Route project was inaugurated in the Delta town of Sammanud this week

It’s been a busy year for archaeologists. Several discoveries made international headlines and major museums and sites were inaugurated in an effort to revivify tourism, the hardest-hit sector due to coronavirus

The mission has discovered burial shafts with coffins and several artefacts from the New Kingdom

In 2008, authorities foiled an attempt to smuggle the chariot out of the country through Safaga Port

The medals are engraved with scenes depicting the monuments and traditions of historic Cairo

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