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The archaeological documentation of Al-Maala necropolis in Upper Egypt was carried out

Many of the rock inscriptions date from the Predynastic Period (4,000-3,500BC)

Mummified dates, grains and small model boats were among the objects moved in this most recent batch, an operation that required careful packing and essential restoration work

A smuggling attempt of five Qurans was foiled today at Cairo International Airport

The UNESCO World Heritage Site, where both pyramids of King Senefru are located, has been restored to its former state

The temporary exhibition in Astana is to include a number of artefacts selected from the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo

The American University in Cairo transferred the 5,000 items to the Ministry of Antiquities, in line with Egyptian law

Recent DNA analysis apparently showing that the ancient Egyptians were more Levantine than African has created controversy among Egyptian archaeologists

An archaeological mission from the Ministry of Antiquities discovered the rock-hewn tomb in the city's El-Shatby district

The Ministry of Antiquities starts conservation and development of both Al-Ashraf Khalil and Fatma Khatoun located on Al-Ashraaf Street in Historic Cairo

The tombs were uncovered on Aswan's West Bank

A lintel inscribed with the cartouche of Sesostris II was unearthed at Heryshef temple in Ihnasya

The artefacts are being moved in preparation for the new museum's soft opening in 2018

The embalming materials of Ipi, vizier and overseer of Thebes and member of the elite during the reign of King Amenemhat I in the early 12th Dynasty, have been rediscovered in his tomb at Deir Al-Bahari on Luxor's west bank.

The block is engraved with the cartouche of the 30th Dynasty King Nectanebo II, who is known for his construction projects

The king's entire treasured collection is planned for transfer to the GEM ahead of its 2018 opening

The family of football player Cristiano Ronaldo expressed enthusiasm while learning about Egypt's ancient history

The Late Period burial site was discovered at the Tuna Al-Gabal archaeological site by a team from Cairo University

The 'major discovery' unearthed artefacts near the necropolis of birds and animals

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