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Nevine El-Aref's Articles
Four intact child burials, a cemetery and a headless statue of Greek goddess Artemis have been discovered by different missions

The ancient gate will arrive within hours to the museum overlooking Giza Plateau

The prince spent an oriental night among the Islamic treasures of Old Cairo

A collection of 27 fragmented statues of the goddess Sekhmet has been unearthed at the King Amenhotep III funerary temple on Luxor’s west bank

The antiquities minister inaugurated a temporary exhibition of 86 artefacts that had never before been put on display

The 150-strong delegation from the Egyptian Diplomatic Club was given a presentation on the GEM's construction history and a preview of the planned displays, including the complete treasures of Tutankhamun

The objects include an alabaster vase inscribed with King Ramses II's cartouche, and 13 amulets of different shapes, sizes and materials

The gymnasium was used during the Ptolemaic period for training young Greek-speaking men in sports, literacy and philosophy

The objects, from the Islamic and Pharaonic eras, are currently being examined at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo's Tahrir Square

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