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Nevine El-Aref's Articles
The exhibition celebrates 120 years of excavations at the Minya governorate site

King Meneptah was the fourth king of the 19th Dynasty and the son of King Ramses II

The 10th-century Mosque and University of Al-Azhar in Islamic Cairo re-opened this week after restoration

Three of the mummies reveal deliberate desecration

The renowned heart surgeon visited the ancient site on Sunday in the company of several British VIPs who were in Egypt to see Yacoub's Aswan Heart Centre

After eight years in limbo, the site museum of Tel Basta in Zagazig, Sharqiya, was inaugurated Saturday

A touring exhibition of treasures from the tomb of the ancient Egyptian boy king Tutankhamun is sparking debate among archaeologists

A collection of Fatimid artefacts arrived safely in Canada for a temporary exhibition at the Aga Khan Museum

The new discovery has yielded a large cache of figurines and a fully preserved mummy

The photo and replicas exhibition at Opera Metro station aims to increase archaeological awareness among Egyptians

The temple was discovered by Egyptian archaeologists

The regional museum's new collection will reflect the history of Sohag as part of a new approach by the antiquities ministry

The real story behind the unusual mummification of Unknown Man E, now on special display at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square, revealed

After almost 109 years of searching, the tomb of Hathor’s priestess Hetpet has been uncovered

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