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Restoration began one month ago on a statue of the celebrated 19th dynasty pharaoh, which decorated the façade of the Karnak Temples' first pylon

The 1940s Stoppelaëre House is to be opened tomorrow on Luxor’s west bank

The museum's soft-opening will showcase "Crafts and Industries through the Ages" in Egypt, offering free admission 16-28 February

Bulldozers from a neighbouring quarry had entered the Dahshour necropolis site

The Louvain University in Belgium handed over a 35,000 year-old axe to the Egyptian Embassy in Brussels after studies

A mortar pit with children's footprints still preserved was also uncovered at the site

An exhibition on Egypt’s Coptic 'martyrs' from the early Coptic era until the present was inaugurated on Thursday at Cairo’s Coptic Museum

Two ancient Egyptian pieces carved in glass were handed over to Egypt’s embassy in London

The Giza Plateau development project is to be partly inaugurated end February

A ceramic workshop to teach people how the early Islamic era artisans fabricated porcelain pots and pans was implemented today at the Museum of Islamic Art

A wooden Ushabti figurine stolen from an Aswan storehouse to be returned from London

After a decade of closure, the Hunting Museum in Manial Palace is to be reopened soon

The 'Egypt, The Cradle of Religions' exhibit will be inaugurated tonight at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir

After eight years, Farouk Hosni reveals the secrets behind his 2009 failed bid to be elected UNESCO director-general

The six recovered Islamic-era lamps are to be included in a special display at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square opening Thursday

The museum, badly damaged in a car bomb explosion in 2014, was inaugurated Wednesday by President Sisi and other top officials

The son of Belarus President Nikolay Lukashenko visited the Giza Plateau

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