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Egypt celebrated this year’s International Museum Day online as a way of marking this important event despite restrictions associated with the coronavirus

New studies show that mummification was not only an ancient Egyptian religious ritual, but a significant business proposition as well

Egypt is reopening hotels for domestic holidaymakers but is putting severe restrictions in place

A new burial chamber has been discovered at the mummification workshop complex of the 26th Dynasty at Saqqara

An ancient Egyptian 17th-Dynasty funerary collection and a set of rock engravings are new discoveries made this week, reports Nevine El-Aref

The cave is the first of its kind in the area of Wadi Al-Zulma in ​​North Sinai

The mummy was that of a teenage girl

The complex includes the valley temple, mortuary temple, causeway connecting them, and the pyramid

The Third Dynasty Step Pyramid complex of King Djoser (c 2667–2648 BC) is Egypt’s oldest pyramid

The World Heritage Day is held this year under the theme "Shared Cultures, Shared Heritage and Shared Responsibility."

Twelve sacrificial votive bulls’ heads and bones dated to the Ptolomaic period were found in niches cut into the walls of the storerooms

The best-preserved tombs in Beni Hassan are those of Khnumhotep II, Amenemhat, Baqet III, and Kheti, the walls of which bear beautifully decorated colourful scenes

Egypt has adopted a host of measures to mitigate the economic impacts of the Covid-19 outbreak on the tourism industry

The tour is part of an initiative to bring ancient Egyptian civilisation to audiences worldwide who are staying at home in the fight against Covid-19

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