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As Egypt’s current agreement with the International Monetary Fund is set to end soon, many are asking what comes next

Between fasting and feasting Ramadan offers both challenges and opportunities

Next year’s cotton harvest could drop by 30 per cent, according to a recent report, writes Niveen Wahish

Egypt is beginning a period of national holidays, with people planning different ways of enjoying them, writes Niveen Wahish

More needs to be done to encourage Egypt’s transit trade, sector executives said this week

What were the reasons behind peasant participation in the 1919 Revolution?

The 1919 Revolution helped shape Egypt’s modern economy

Niveen Wahish runs through Egypt’s latest Eurobond issue

Civil society is hoping the government takes its suggestions into account while drafting a new law regulating non-governmental organisations

With the sound of Egyptian singer Um Kolthoum and French chanteuse Edith Piaf echoing in the background, the American University in Cairo launched its year-long centennial celebrations this week

Egyptian fruit and vegetable exporters are showcasing their produce in Germany this week

Egyptians are praying that this year will be easier for them economically, writes Niveen Wahish

Egypt is making Africa a top priority as it prepares to take over the chairmanship of the African Union in 2019

Experts note adverse global conditions are making the government’s reform efforts more of an uphill drive, structural reform remains essential for success

Egypt must press ahead with its economic reforms in order to avoid potential risks ahead

The head of Egypt’s Engineering Exports Council, Amr Abu Freikha, tells Niveen Wahish that there is more to exporting than the product alone

A joint FAO and World Bank report says proper water management is needed to overcome scarcity and social tension

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