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Experts note adverse global conditions are making the government’s reform efforts more of an uphill drive, structural reform remains essential for success

Egypt must press ahead with its economic reforms in order to avoid potential risks ahead

The head of Egypt’s Engineering Exports Council, Amr Abu Freikha, tells Niveen Wahish that there is more to exporting than the product alone

A joint FAO and World Bank report says proper water management is needed to overcome scarcity and social tension

Harrison Karisa, director for Egypt and Nigeria of international research organisation WorldFish, describes the potential of Egypt’s fish-farming industry

A recent paper highlights the areas Egypt needs to focus on to keep on track with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

For participants at the Economic Research Forum’s 24th annual conference, the MENA region is striving to find formulas to generate sustainable growth in an ever-changing world economy

Despite social and other challenges, the government is pressing ahead with its economic reform programme

A new project is promoting family planning and birth control among the poorest women

The establishment of a Russian industrial zone in Egypt is a milestone in relations between the two countries

The government has been caught between the need to streamline spending and to keep people happy during Ramadan

An IMF delegation was in Cairo this week to review Egypt’s economic reform programme, with inclusive growth and job creation high on the agenda

The government announced its plans for Egypt’s 2018-19 budget this week, targeting a growth rate of 5.8 per cent of GDP

Yale University professor of economics John Roemer lectured on inequality and cooperation in Cairo this week

An agreement allowing the Egyptian private sector to import Israeli gas is creating controversy

Economic mega-projects have been a main characteristic of the past four years, with much debate surrounding them

Fish-farming is big in Egypt, but not yet big enough

Improved economic indicators suggest the difficult reforms enacted in late 2016 are starting to pay off

Progressive taxes, a more efficient tax administration and the elimination of fuel subsidies are among the main recommendations made to Egypt by the IMF

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