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The past six years have been a rollercoaster for the Egyptian economy, writes Niveen Wahish

Recently released research has shown what Egyptian consumers have been up to during quarantine

Al-Ahram Weekly reports on recent modifications to the law on income tax

Egypt’s economic outlook remains stable despite the negative fallout from the Covid-19 crisis, writes Niveen Wahish

As the economy grapples with the fallout from coronavirus new priorities and opportunities are emerging

E-learning expert Maha Bali gives her take on the online learning experience in this time of crisis, writes Niveen Wahish

Economies around the world are continuing to suffer on the back of the spread of the new coronavirus, reports Niveen Wahish

The government is tapping into a new pool of international investors looking for fixed-income instruments by moving ahead with steps to issue green bonds, writes Niveen Wahish

A new group has taken Facebook by storm, uncovering the talent, passion and entrepreneurship of Egyptian women

International Labour Organisation Assistant Director-General and Regional Director for Africa Cynthia Samuel-Olonjuwon explained the challenges facing the continent’s workforce in an interview with Al-Ahram Weekly

With the continuing rally of the pound and a hold on cuts to interest rates, there was no shortage of economic news this week, writes Niveen Wahish

This year saw the stabilisation of Egypt’s macro-economic indices, with experts saying that further structural reforms are now in order

After increasing in leaps and bounds over the past two years, inflation cooled off in 2019

Second-generation reforms tackling structural problems in Egypt’s economy are needed to encourage greater private-sector participation and the creation of jobs, according to one World Bank economist

Chair of the British Council Stevie Spring spoke about the decades of educational work the organisation has carried out in Egypt in an interview with Niveen Wahish

The government should get ready for an increase in the number of new entrants to the labour market over the coming decade, reports Niveen Wahish

Plans have been announced to merge existing cash-transfer programmes in order to deal better with poverty, reports Niveen Wahish

Despite improvements in their health, gender equality, and infrastructure indicators, many African countries are still lagging behind in the areas of security and the rule of law, reports Niveen Wahish

Inflation in Egypt is at an all-time low, but will this be sustainable, asks Niveen Wahish

Senior Executive Director of capital markets at the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of ADGM Wai Lum Kwok described efforts to support promising financial technology companies in the region to Niveen Wahish

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