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Out of character, Trump seems to be considering an election loss. But is this a ploy to bring out his vote?

Private e-mails of former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton have once again caused controversy. But will the US election see an impact

A hearing session on Egypt in the US House of Representatives reflects the prejudice and rigidity of the liberal camp in Washington

With a reputation for being tough, but a voting record that puts her squarely on the left, Kamala Harris is an enigma who could leave a significant mark on US politics

With Biden not attending the upcoming Democratic Party convention, questions arise over his influence on the party’s election platform

Expanded mail-in voting is a political hot potato that Trump has handed the Democrats

Washington’s position on Libya is muddled and risks losing the support of the Egyptian people and its leadership

Donald Trump has doubled down on his criticism of China in the face of jibes from Joe Biden, proving the sensitivity that exists around the China issue, writes Saeed Okasha

The US Democratic Party has moved into an alliance with anarchists. It will not serve its electoral prospects come November

The Democratic primaries to pick a nominee for November’s US presidential elections could fracture the party, pitting left against left

How will Washington react to Addis Ababa refraining from signing a US-brokered agreement on GERD

The US Democratic Party has fallen under the influence of a generation of leftist ideologues who will stop at nothing, even risking the viability of the party itself

Trump’s “peace plan” is mainly for US domestic consumption, with Israel banking on it being rejected by Palestinians and Arabs, writes Said Okasha

For both Trump and Netanyahu, Palestinian rejection of the “Deal of the Century” could prove a boon to their political prospects

For nearly a quarter of a century, targeted assassinations were beyond the pale as a US foreign policy instrument. What had to be covert then is overt now

Could Iran have been deterred from retaliating more effectively to the assassination of Al-Quds Force leader Qassem Suleimani by US threats to destroy the holy city of Qom, asks Said Okasha

US President Donald Trump’s decision to assassinate Iranian military leader Qassem Suleimani was taken with the support of the Pentagon and members of Congress and has been an option on the table for years

Yet another decision by Trump has upturned the basis upon which the Middle East peace process was founded for decades. Many are outraged, but few are surprised, writes Said Okasha

Does Erdogan have nuclear ambitions? If he does, it will principally be based on the doctrinaire and paranoid religio-political ideology to which he subscribes

The US does not have the luxury to remain muddled in its response to the Turkish invasion of northern Syria, writes Said Okasha

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